How to Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Shopify Store
One of these stores, Asos, saw a 50 percent rise in conversion rates after adding "proceed to checkout," a guest checkout option, to their website.

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It’s not as difficult as it appears to boost your Shopify conversion rate. It just entails modifying some of your Shopify store’s existing pieces.

I’d like to share a few of those tweaks with you. These suggestions will not work instantly, but they will in the long run. Immensely.

They are as follows:

1. Make Your Checkout Process More Efficient

As I previously stated, streamlining your checkout process will go a long way toward increasing your website’s conversion rate. Most customers will abandon their purchases if your checkout is complicated and confusing.

Here are some suggestions for optimizing the checkout experience on your website:

– Reduce the number of fields that must be completed.
– Show the checkout progress as a bar or break it down into stages so clients can see how far they’ve progressed.
– Make it simple to evaluate shopping carts before making a purchase.
– In Shopify, improving your store’s checkout procedure is one step toward raising your conversion rate.

2. Offer a variety of payment options

Providing numerous payment methods is another strategy to enhance your Shopify conversion rate. Don’t only accept PayPal payments.

Make it simple for your customers to pay using various methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Credit Cards, and American Express. If you do that, your Shopify conversion rate will skyrocket.

It’s quite annoying and depressing for potential purchasers to learn that they won’t be able to make a purchase because they lack the required payment method.

3. Enhance Mobile User Experiences

Are you still not taking mobile seriously? Here’s something fascinating you should know:

In 2018, OuterBox performed a 6-month long survey. One of the more interesting findings was that mobile accounted for 79 percent of all internet sales during that time period. Isn’t that enormous?

This is clear evidence that optimizing your Shopify store for mobile may have a huge influence on your conversion rates.

Be aware that this trend isn’t going away, and mobile transactions will continue to rise. Make an extra effort to optimize your Shopify store so that it runs well on mobile devices. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on sales from consumers who like to purchase while on the go.

4. Allow guests to check out

Consider going shopping in a mall for a moment. You rolled your trolley to the cashier to make payments after picking up the products you came for. But, to your disappointment, you are required to fill out a membership form before you can proceed.

Isn’t that inconvenient? And if there was another business nearby, you could be compelled to hurry out.

When your first-time visitors have to register an account on your website in order to complete their transaction, they feel the same way.

What should I do? Activate the guest checkout feature. New users will be able to make purchases without needing to create an account on your Shopify store as a result of this.

According to Econsultancy, guest checkout is available at eight of the top ten retail stores in the United States. Isn’t it obvious that it’s working for them?

One of these stores, Asos, saw a 50 percent rise in conversion rates after adding “proceed to checkout,” a guest checkout option, to their website.

Increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store. You may take their idea and run with it.

5. Combine incentives with FOMO (fear of missing out).

How to Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Shopify Store

Offering freebies to your guests is a simple approach to win their hearts: coupons, discounts, price cuts, gift cards, and so on. You would be offering them reasons to buy from you if you did so. For you, this equals a higher conversion rate.

Check out our incentive widgets to claim higher conversion rates.

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