Looking for a Provely Alternative?

You probably searched for a bit of “provely alternative” on Google. You are not alone. Fortunately, Social Proofy is the best Provely alternative. Meet Social Proofy and convert more website visitors, create leads, segment your audience, and drive sales.

Single line of ‘code’ | No tech-skills required | 24+ different widgets

Why Social Proofy is Better than Provely?

Use 24+ Social Proofy growth widgets to easily boost your conversions & credibility to your website in seconds.

Social Proofy Review Widgets

Show your positive reviews from Trustpilot, Yotpo, Google and other review sources.

Social Proofy Counter Widgets

Show real-time visitors, orders counter & more on your website. Your visitors are not alone.

Social Proofy Engagement Widgets

Increase your traffic with social media and give users the opportunity to communicate with you via WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger

Social Proofy Feedback Widgets

The best way to improve your website or product is to collect customer feedback. Create all types of feedback collectors for any purpose.

Boost your conversions by +21%

Power up your website & marketing, stop losing conversions.

Single line of ‘code’ | No tech-skills required | 24+ different widgets

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