Turn your Visitors into Customers
Convert up to 300% more visitors into leads, demos, and sales.

Social Proofy is an intuitive and visual way to engage, convert and communicate with users.

Trusted by leading brands from 84 countries


Boost confidence with Recent Activity

Recent Activity shows a live feed of real people who have recently taken action on your site. Perfect on high-traffic pages such as your homepage, content opt-ins, and webinar registrations.
Average conversion lift: 15%
Recent Activity

Build credibility with Conversion Counter

Conversion Counter shows the total number of people who have recently taken action on your site. Great for high-traffic pages such as content opt-ins, webinar registrations, and free-trials.
Average conversion lift: 10%
Conversion Counter

Create scarcity with Live Visitor Count

Live Visitor Count shows the number of people currently viewing a page or your whole site. Great for offers with limited inventory such as physical product, booking, and events ticket sales pages.
Live Visitors

All the widgets you need on your website

Social Proofy provides more than 30+ widgets that you can use on your website. Using these widgets, you can collect leads, add social proof, and increase your sales by creating fomo. You can manage all the widgets you need from a single platform.
Social Proofy All-in-One
Who is Social Proofy a perfect fit for?

Marketing directors

Increase visitors' trust in your website and convert more traffic.

Founders and entrepreneurs

Authentically build your credibility by showing how effective your proposals are.

Marketing agencies

Complete the installation with one line of code and integrate with all platforms.

Read customer reviews

Over 8,000+ sites across many industries use Social Proofy to boost conversions. Customers rated Social Proofy an average 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Social Proofy Capterra Rating
House of Silk

House of Silk

“Our customers have told us that Social Proofy clearly influences their purchasing decisions.

Yaren Öksüz / Marketing Specialist

TAPP Water

TAPP Water

“Users who interacted with our Social Proofy notifications had an 82% higher conversion rate.
Furkan Özkaya / CEO & Founder

Integrated with your tech stack

Social Proofy works well with all platforms. Shopify, Magento, ClickFunnels, WooCommerce, Wix & more.
Here are six reasons why 8,000+ sites use Social Proofy

Unlimited websites

We have no website limits on any plan. Add all your websites at no added cost!

Smarter visitor targeting

Target visitors by URL, device, and User Attributes.

Multi-device support

All our features support desktop and mobile versions of your website.

Export or send

Export or send your data to your CRM platform.

Easy installation

Fast installation using one script and support for dozens of platforms.

Reliable customer support

Got a question? We'll get back to you ASAP!

Turn your Visitors into Customers

Social Proofy is an intuitive and visual way to engage, convert and communicate with users.
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