Best Landing Page Call-to-Action Tactics to Boost Conversions in 2022
Call-to-Action (CTA) can be your solution. One of the best ways to collect leads for your online business relies on your landing page.

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Are you still struggling with low conversion rates despite driving a ton of traffic to your landing page?

Call-to-Action (CTA) can be your solution. One of the best ways to collect leads for your online business relies on your landing page. Your landing and CTA button define your conversion rates. In order to convert the visitors into leads require a CTA button customization. CTA determines the action you want your visitors to take. Even if your sales are increasing or leads are generating emails, a well-organized landing page increases the total amount of conversions. Here are the 4 CTA tactics you should consider to increase your conversions

Best Landing Page Call-to-Action Tactics to Boost Conversions

1. Simplify your Words

Best CTA reactions are generated through simple verbs and invoked reactions by the visitor. The more immediate reaction you want, the more action-oriented CTA you will need. Believe it or not, the big majority of the visitors are scanners and skimmers. Here are the examples to stimulate conversion with CTA buttons on your landing page:

Generating Lead: Register Now


Business Related: Inquire Me

Using the CTA verb in the headline is essential. Recommended use, it so reinforces the action you are seeking. You are asking your visitor to make a decision in your landing page and it should be clear.

2. Noticeable CTA Button

As you can understand from the title that your CTA button should be standing out. Consider yourself as a visitor and decide on your button size. It should be big enough to be easily read but not distracting from the beneficial content on your page. You also shouldn’t look so desperate to provoke your customer. A/B testing your CTA button would let you find the optimal dimensions for your landing page, campaign, and target audience.

3. Organize your page with Facts

In general, people tend to read websites in the shape of ‘’F’’, starting from the upper left to the right of a page. The best practice to implement this method is to place your CTA on the lower right-hand side of the page.

Here is an example of a heat map, eye tracking of visitors. Optimizing your landing page according to this practice would definitely pay off. Test your results and learn the optimal location for your campaign. In a simple way of understanding, place your CTA depending on your organic flow with your landing page design. On the other hand, some experts state that placing your CTA after a number of scrolls through a page actually increases conversions significantly.

Keep in mind to design your landing page according to the visitors and the device they use to visit. Mobile and desktop designs should be different and CTA optimization is needed.

4. Don’t Jump on your Customers

Imagine going to a store and someone immediately telling you to ‘BUY NOW’ and ask your credit card details, you would walk right back and never return. The same issue happens with CTA’s. You have to take your visitor on a journey to know you better. Premature CTA or overselling is the essential detail in landing pages. Locate your sales funnel and design your page based on the data you gather. Measure your results after optimizing your landing page. The best of using CTA is to give your visitor a chance to get to know you. After that, you can send them to your purchasing pages.


Your CTA should be the focal point of your page. Check out our widgets to improve the performance of your landing page.

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