10 Best Social Proof Apps In The Shopify App Store
Social proof applications make presenting social evidence to your consumers quick and straightforward. Reviews, product ratings, testimonials, user-generated material, and real-time pop-up notifications are all examples of social proof content.

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We’ll look at social proof applications for e-commerce shops in this review, and how they may help you create trust, reputation, and sales in 2022!

We look over the top 10 social proof applications!

For business owners, persuading a hesitant buyer to buy from an online store is extremely difficult and irritating.

New buyers shopping online have no means of judging the product’s quality or seeing how others are reacting to it. They also have no way of knowing how helpful you will be or how many problems they will face if they buy from you.

That fear and hesitancy will cost you a lot of money, regardless of how great your products, customer service, or storefront are.

That’s when social evidence comes into play! You may show your consumers how popular your shop is and how satisfied other customers are by using social proof. By enhancing trust and your store’s legitimacy, social proof is the greatest approach to overcome shopper hesitancy and doubt.

Social proof applications make presenting social evidence to your consumers quick and straightforward. Reviews, product ratings, testimonials, user-generated material, and real-time pop-up notifications are all examples of social proof content.

Are you interested in learning more about how to use social proof in your shop?

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If you want to learn more about Social Proof and how to use it to boost your sales, start with this article first. How to apply psychology in digital marketing strategy: Social Proof

1. Social Proofy Shopify App

Social Proofy is a social proof software application with a user-friendly UI and 30+ widgets to implement on your website or other apps such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Wix etc..

Using a pop-up architecture for user flow, Social Proofy makes it simple to produce a new social proof notice. Each tab only has a few options, making it nearly hard to make a mistake. You may now modify your social proof alerts, making them generate more conversions than ever.

Easy to use, easiest to implement. It requires no coding knowledge or prerequisites. The most budget-friendly tool in the market.

Provides 30+ Widgets for less than the price of one
Requires no coding knowledge
Great and Fast Customer Support
No integration issues
User Friendly

Lack of customization options


FREE Plan up to 1000 Visitors per month.
Lite: $3 per month – 2000 Visitors /m
Starter: $7 per month – 10000 Visitors /m
Growth: $27 per month – 100k Visitors /m
Get 2 months for free if you pay annually.

2. Nudgify Social Proof & Fomo App

The Nudgify social proof app is a great fit for Shopify since it connects seamlessly and is simple to set up. They provide a comprehensive set of social proof messages, sometimes known as ‘nudges,’ such as bespoke messages and pop-ups. The app also includes signals about scarcity and urgency, such as countdown clocks and low stock counts.

Nudgify has a group feature that allows you to target and classify consumers into groups and send them personalized nudges. It’s also accessible in 16 languages and has strong stats.

Nudge of Popularity – The number of people who have looked at a thing.
When an item is expected to sell out quickly, give it a nudge.
Nudge for Low Stock – the amount of products remaining in stock
Nudge for Free Delivery – order a certain amount and get free delivery.
Nudge to the cart counter – the number of goods in the cart
Discount Nudge — From within the pop-up, customers can apply a discount or offer.
Custom Nudge — Can incorporate personalized text and media, as well as links and offers.

Setup and installation are simple.
Interface that is simple to use
Customer service that is always available
Themes and texts may be easily customized.
The free plan offers good value and functionality.

Refund issues for upgrades that were not used
Does not send out demo messages; new businesses will only get pop-ups if they make real sales.
Pop-ups take a long time to appear in new stores or stores that aren’t doing well.

14-day free trial
Free-Forever Plan: $0/month – 1000 monthly notifications
Plus: $9/month – 10,000 monthly alerts
Pro: $29/month – 100 000 monthly notifications
Business: $89/month – 1 000 000 monthly alerts

3. Fomo Social Proof App

On your home and product pages, the Fomo social proof app displays reviews, recent orders, visitor counts, and a range of other user activities. It’s a terrific tool for building social proof and comes with a variety of features and messaging. The program also allows you to automate and customize your business, which is ideal for producing precisely what you need.

Shopify and a number of additional e-commerce platforms are supported, including Facebook, Instagram, Zapier, Stripe, TrustPilot, Yotpo, and MailChimp. It also has Google Analytics and Slack integrations.

Counting real-time traffic
Subscribers, users, and recent and ongoing sales
Customers may now access a new function thanks to recent site improvements.
Locations that are updated in real-time and alerts that are relevant to that place

It has no effect on the time it takes for a page to load.
Customer service that is kind and helpful
Excellent data analytics
Installation and setup are quick and simple.
It’s really user-friendly and simple to use.
After conducting their own A/B testing, some reviewers saw an increase in conversion rate.

Pricing plans that are unclear and expense rises that come as a surprise
Occasionally, there are issues with the integration of external review sites.
Customer support might be slow at times.

14-day free trial
$19/month for Pro – 25 000 notifications
Business: $39 per month – 50 000 alerts
$79/month for advanced – 250 000 notifications
$199/month for 3 000 000 alerts in the enterprise version

4. ProveSource Social Proof App

ProveSource collects and displays social proof messages and pop-ups on your site using a combination of external technologies and integrations. Google, Zapier, Integromat, Klaviyo Omnisend, Stamped, Judge.me, Trustpilot, and Facebook are among the integrations available.

The app has a lot of visual customization possibilities to fit your brand’s look and feel. It allows you to choose your location and language in 22 different languages.

It allows you to post reviews, events/promotions, and educational messages in addition to social proof alerts for current activity and store data. This is ideal for startup stores or stores with limited real-time activity.

Recent activities – in-the-moment purchases and registrations
Pop-up reviews and reviews
Notifications and pop-ups that can be clicked
Pop-ups that are unique to you

Setup is a breeze.
Interface that is simple and easy to use.
Excellent client service
Customizable while remaining inconspicuous
A higher conversion rate was mentioned in several evaluations.

Refund issues/customer service issues with refunds
On the free trial option, there are only 1000 unique visitors.
For sites with a lot of traffic, this might be a costly alternative.

14-day free trial
$18/month for the first 10,000 visits
$45/month growth – 50,000 visits
$91/month – 200,000 unique visits
Gorilla costs $183 per month and has 500,000 monthly visitors.
Enterprises should contact ProveSource for a quote that is tailored to their needs.

5. Bizzy Social Proof App

The Bizzy social proof app offers a straightforward and low-cost choice. The app just displays a message about recent action (purchases or sign-ups), but it also includes remarketing, analytics, and source and media monitoring. It’s also Google Analytics-compatible. Pop-ups may be customized graphically and are available in a variety of languages.

Live sales and sign-ups are examples of recent activity (you can set how long the pop-up will be active after activity)

Once you’ve set it up, it’s quite simple to use.
It does precisely what it claims to do.
a low-cost choice
Customer service that is kind and helpful

Order synchronization can be time-consuming.
Setting up the system and determining the settings might be difficult at first.
The score for Shopify App: 4.7/5 (710+ reviews)

14-day free trial
Monthly fee: $6.99

6. Sale Kit-Social Proof Bundle

Sale Kit is a simple yet effective software that combines six vital tools into one app, including sales pop-ups, visitor counts, countdown clocks, and a few more handy features!

Pros of the Sale Kit – Social Proof:
There is a slew of more elements to aid with social proof:
visitor count, cart countdown, and pop-up sales alerts
They appear to be implementing new features and have a demo store to demonstrate them.
When the timer on the cart runs out, the cart gets emptied.
Interface that is simple to use (user-friendly).
They have a friendly support crew that is easy to contact.

Cons of the Sale Kit – Social Proof:
Data for popups must be manually entered.
Only 1200 impressions are available for free, and this appears to be the only variation between the other pay categories.

Social Proof Pricing and Features in the Sale Kit
1200 impressions for free
5000 impressions for $4.99 per month (beginning).
122,000 impressions for $12.99/month (basic)
100,000 impressions at $39.99/month (growth)

7. Sales Rocket

Sales Rocket promotes itself as an all-in-one app with a wide range of features. Sales Rocket is designed to speed up your business and lower your total app costs by combining 39 apps into one.

Pros of Sales Rocket:
Free trial for 15 days
There are over 35 apps in one, and you can delete many of your previous apps because this one has so many.
Outside of the standard Shopify themes, it works great.
Features that load quickly and are simple to use and comprehend (no need for developers)

Cons of Sales Rocket:
The cheapest package is $19.99 per month, and there appear to be additional fees.
Support is difficult to reach, and the app is limited in comparison to other applications.
The user interface isn’t as simple and intuitive as it might be.
If popups appear too frequently, it may appear scammy.’

Pricing and Features of Sales Rocket
7-day trial period
$12.92/month (basic) — For Shopify stores on the basic plan.
$14.92/month (Shopify) — For Shopify customers.
$19.92 per month (Advanced) — For stores on the Shopify Advanced plan
$24.92/month (Advanced) — For Shopify Plus customers.

8. Fera Social Proof

Fera Social Proof is the ideal platform for Shopify merchants wishing to create trust and sell more with an enterprise-level (but not enterprise-level cost) solution. Fera makes it simple for businesses to integrate social proof without having to know how to code.

The best feature of Fera Social Proof is that you can modify any social proof content to match your store’s identity and use strong A/B testing to learn from your customers’ behavior!

For young enterprises, a free plan is advantageous.
You may use a variety of widgets to provide social proof, such as a Low stock viewer counter and a Recently Sold counter.
A/B testing may be used to check if widgets are genuinely improving conversions and raising sales.

If you need to produce your own bespoke material, customizing on your own might be difficult.

Pricing and Features of Fera Social Proof
Free – For businesses with monthly sales of less than $500.
$9 per month (startup) 3 widgets, a monthly income of less than $5000, and restricted customization
$29 per month (small) A maximum of ten widgets are allowed, with a monthly income cap of $50,000.
$99 per month (medium) A total of 20 widgets are allowed, with a monthly revenue cap of $200,000.

9. Sales Pop Up – Social Proof

The Sales popup app assists new shops in displaying information such as recent order alerts to highlight what others are purchasing. This is a free program that is simple to use. That said, it has limited capability, but it’s ideal for small businesses just getting started!

Pros of Sales Pop-Ups: They’re Free!
It’s simple to set up and use.
The software is really user-friendly.

Cons of Sales Pop-Ups:
It’s difficult to alter the popup and the data it contains.
I don’t like the default phrasing, ‘Tim in America purchased a Sports Shoes,’ since it doesn’t represent the quantity and should read “purchased” rather than “buy a.” It’s crucial to have good grammar if you want to be trusted!

10. Automizely – Email and Sales Pop

If you’re just getting started with Shopify, Automizley is another wonderful free tool to try. Exit pop-ups and e-mail marketing tools are among the features included in this program.

Push notifications can be scheduled.
You may ask users to sign up for web push notifications if they want to.
No coding is required for installation.

There are issues with the list of subscribers (visitors).
Customer service isn’t very helpful and will point you somewhere if you have a problem.
You have to rate the app before you can use it, which seems unjust.
You are unable to view your emails (you can only send them popups even though the app mentions emails)

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