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Teachable Integration

Let’s install Social Proofy on your Teachable site.

Part 1 – Add your site on Social Proofy

Step 1-  Log in to your Social Proofy account, click on the button that says New Website and register your site.

Add Site Social Proofy

Step 2 – After adding your site, go to the top left corner of your Dashboard and click on the Red Dot next to “Pixel not active”.

Social Proofy Pixel Not Active

Step 3 – Select the “Add to your HTML” option.

Social Proofy Pixel HTML Snippet

Step 4 – Copy the code snippet. You’ll need this later.

Copy Social Proofy Pixel HTML Snippet

Part 2 – Add HTML code to Teachable

Step 1Log in to your Teachable account.
Step 2 –  Select Site.

Select Site - Teachable

Step 3 –  Click Code Snippets.

Select Code Snippet- Teachable

Step 4 – Once in Code Snippets, select Head Code Snippets.
Select Head Code Snippets - Teachable
Step 5 – Paste the HTML code you got from Part 1 Step 4 inside the box and hit Save.
Paste Code Snippet - Teachable
Step 6 – Go back to your Social Proofy Dashboard and click on the Red Dot next to “Pixel not active”, once again.

Social Proofy Pixel Not Active

Step 7 – Once there,  click on the Verify Pixel button.

Verify Pixel Button

If it shows Green, you’re all set. You have successfully installed the Social Proofy Pixel on your site.

Social Proofy Pixel Verified

The code will be added to all pages on your site and Social Proofy will start working.

If it does not show green? Click the chat bubble in the app so we can assist you 1-on-1 setting up your Pixel.

Part 3 – Teachable Webhook Setup

Step 1 – Create a Recent Sales Pop Widget.

Step 2 – After creating the notification, go to the Webhook & Auto Capture tab and copy the Webhook URL.

Coby Webhook

Step 3 – Log in to your Teachable account.
Step 4 – Select Settings from the admin sidebar.

Select Settings - Teachable

Step 5 – Click Webhooks.

Select Webhooks - Teachable

Step 6 – Select Add Webhook.

Select Add Webhook - Teachable

Step 7 – Enter your Social Proofy Webhook URL and select an Event Type: “New Sales” or “New Enrollment”

Step 8 – Click the orange Create Webhook button at the bottom.

Step 9 – Your webhook is now set up! When the event type you chose occurs, it will fire off a webhook event and the status of your webhook will change from “pending” to “verified”.

Sometimes, Teachable’s webhooks fail (we’re not sure why and trying to get their support’s help on this) and they disable the Webhook permanently.

We highly suggest going into your Teachable’s webhooks section every 2-3 days and re-enable the webhook if it’s disabled.

Teachable Integration

Extra: Part 4 – Let’s add your first widget!

Updated on 14/05/2024

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