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Capterra Integration

Show your Capterra reviews with the Random Review Widget.

Turn your Capterra reviews into Social Proof, show your rating and new reviews in real-time.


Turn your Capterra reviews into Social Proof

Part 1. Connect your Capterra Account

Step 1 – To manage your integrations, click the “Integrations” button on the left-hand sidebar.

Select Integrations

Step 2 – Find Capterra in the list and click “Connect”.

Connect Capterra

Step 3 – Go to your Capterra Company Profile.

Step 4 – Copy your company’s URL such as (https://www.capterra.com/p/206494/Social-Proofy).

Copy URL Capterra Profile

Step 5- Paste it in the Capterra Integration tab and hit Connect.

Connect Capterra

Part 2. Create Random Review Widget

Step 1 – Log in to your Social Proofy Dashboard.

Step 2 – Select the Notifications option from the left menu bar.


Step 3 – Click on the ”New Notification” button on the top right corner and select ”Random Review”.

New Notification

Random Review

Part 3. Setup Random Review Widget

Step 1 – Go to the Design tab, click on the dropdown box under Connect data source, and select Capterra.


Step 2 – After connecting the data source, click on the dropdown box under Select Data Source and choose Capterra . Then hit Save.

Select Data Source Capterra

Can I choose which reviews to display?

Yes, you can choose which reviews to display.

Step 1 – Go to the Feed page using the left menu in your panel.

Select Feed

Step 2-  Once in the Feed tab, select the reviews you don’t want to appear and delete them using the Delete button.

Google Reviews Integration

Newly added reviews will be automatically added to the widget at regular intervals.

Updated on 15/05/2024

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