Review Widget

Review Widget allows you to display reviews for your business or product on your website. You can turn your reviews into powerful Social Proof by displaying them on your website.

Review Widgets

How does the Review Widget work?

The Review Widget is designed to display reviews from one or more sources. All you have to do is connect the review source and activate the widget.

Step 1: Connect a Review Source

The Social Proofy Review Widget allows you to integrate multiple review sources. You can integrate with Google Reviews, Capterra, Yotpo, Reviewsio, Stamped, Feefo, Judgeme and Shopper Approved.

For integration, enter the Integrations menu from the left menu and select the source you want to connect by clicking Connect.

Step 2: Add a Widget

After integrating the review resource, create the Random Review widget with the New Notification button. Then select the source you have connected from the Connect data source field. Select the source from the Select data source field, now all you have to do is activate the widget.

Review Widget

Updated on 08/06/2022

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