Recent Sales Pop Widget

Recent Sales Pop widget is designed to show recent purchases on your site. By showing your visitors that your digital or physical products have been purchased by others, you can turn your purchases into powerful Social Proof.

Recent Sales Pop Widget

Connect data source

Social Proofy uses live data from your website to display recent purchases. Before using the widget, you must connect it to a data source.

Social Proofy Webhook

Go to the widget settings and find the Data tab in the left menu. The URL in Webhook Trigger is uniquely prepared for the widget. Data sent to this URL will only be displayed on this widget.

Widget customization

You have full control over the widgets. In this way, you can set everything from the number of times the widget is viewed to its position on the page, from which page it will appear to how many times it will show data.

Updated on 04/01/2022

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