How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in ClickFunnels?

It’s pretty easy to Install Social Proofy in Click funnels

ClickFunnels Pixel Integration

1. From within the funnel, click on Settings.

2. Paste the pixel in the Head Tracking Code.

3. Scroll down the page and click on Save And Update Settings.


The code will be added to all pages on your site and Social Proofy will start working.

Now verify your pixel in Social Proofy.

ClickFunnels Webhook Integration

1. Creating A Test Webhook
Access the Funnels Page by hovering over the ClickFunnels drop-down menu from your dashboard and clicking on Funnels.

ClickFunnels Webhook

2. Choose the funnel you want to edit by clicking on the Funnel Name.
ClickFunnels Webhook

3. Click on the Settings tab.
ClickFunnels Webhook

4. Scroll down to Webhooks and click on the Manage Your Funnel Webhooks button to access the Funnel Webhooks Page.
ClickFunnels Webhook

5. Click on the + New Webhook button.
ClickFunnels Webhook

6. Enter Social Proofy test Webhook URL.
This needs to be added first because ClickFunnels wants to test the Webhook URL.

7. Select the All Events to trigger your Webhook from the Event drop-down menu.

8. Select the Webhook version from the Version drop-down menu. We recommend choosing the default option.

9. Click on the Create Funnel Webhook button.

10. Creating A Real Webhook
After completing the above steps, the Webhook test will be completed successfully. Then do the same with your real Webhook URL. All leads on ClickFunnels will be sent to the Social Proofy platform. This way you can show the information in your widgets.

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