How Do I Add Free Shipping Bar on Shopify? 10 Best Free Shipping Bar Apps
A free shipping bar app serves as a reminder of the additional perks that customers might receive when they spend more money on your site. This reminder is shown to customers to encourage them to add additional products to their shopping carts.

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Let’s start with a fact: most of us value free or discounted shipping. It’s no surprise that up to 80% of American customers consider shipping costs and delivery time when deciding whether or not to buy a product from a particular retailer.

Free shipping can thus become an effective tactic for your business to close more sales and get more loyal customers in the long run.

However, it can be difficult for customers to envision how close they are to receiving free shipping on their transactions. They’re also more likely to abandon their basket if they don’t like the shipping cost. A Shopify free shipping bar app can help you stay customers and increase order values in this situation.

What is the definition of a free shipping program?

Free shipping is becoming a more popular option for E-commerce shops, where buyers are not charged a separate shipping fee. Both retailers and customers will benefit from the ability to purchase things without having to pay for shipping. Purchasers will get their orders dispatched without having to pay for delivery, encouraging them to spend more, while business owners will see a large gain in revenue.

A customer’s decision to spend their hard-earned money is influenced by the availability of free shipping. In fact, a free delivery program benefits firms in the following ways:

Increase your conversion and sales rates.

Increase your average order value (AOV).

Boost customer retention.

Obtain a competitive edge.

What’s the point of having a Shopify free shipping bar app?

A free shipping bar app serves as a reminder of the additional perks that customers might receive when they spend more money on your site. This reminder is shown to customers to encourage them to add additional products to their shopping carts.

Customers will be aware of your free shipping or other cart-based discount programs if you use Shopify’s free shipping bar apps. When people know they’re getting something for free, they’re ready to spend a bit more. Your online store’s revenue can be increased by a significant amount of “a little extra” from customers.

Each Shopify free shipping bar app will have distinct exceptional features depending on the developer. To choose the most relevant one, simply scroll down and look around!

1. Social Proofy All-in-One Marketing Widgets

As its name suggests, SocialProofy is a social endorsement tool with a plethora of features. One of them is a free shipping bar for your website or Shopify page.

With progressive communications and a cart goal, promote your free shipping offers. The product has two advantages: 30+ social proof marketing widgets, including a free shipping bar, and it is completely free.

Social Proofy’s Key Features:

When compared to other platforms, you’ll receive 30+ more Widgets.

There is no need to know how to code.

Simple to Use.

Remote assistance is available immediately.

Free of charge.

2. Spurit’s Free Shipping Bar

More than 6,000 Shopify merchants voted Free Shipping & Hello Bar by Spurit as the best notification app.

The app works as follows: when visitors first arrive on your website, they will get an initial message (welcome bar) informing them of your deal (e.g., buy two, get one free; spend over $100 to receive free delivery or a gift, etc.). When users add products to the cart, the information on the bar changes, reflecting their purchase and informing them of what more they need to add to the cart in order to receive the incentives. Once they’ve added enough items, they’ll see a final notification stating that they are now eligible for the bonus/free shipping.

Free Shipping & Hello Bar by Spurit Highlights:

Configuration that is extremely powerful

Set up any conditions that will allow visitors to see the bar.

Messages that are progressive

There is no limit to how many offers you can make.

Completely mobile-friendly

Quality assurance is 100%.


$8.95 per month for the basic plan

$17.95 per month for the Priority Support Plan

3. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

According to a recent study, 88% of customers would prefer to shop on a website that offers free shipping. Free shipping not only saves money, but it also gives customers a warm feeling and encourages them to add more and more things to their cart.

Hextom created the Free Shipping Bar to help businesses by improving customer experience and increasing revenue. The main purpose of this app is to display a progressive message to encourage shoppers to add enough items to their cart to qualify for free shipping.

You could also use different cart objectives for different nations, and choose which page or collection to display a bar on in order to find the best deal. Furthermore, each bar’s performance is tracked, allowing you to quickly access each campaign. Finally, Free Shipping Bar allows users to personalize the bar with emojis or holiday-themed backdrop themes to match their store’s design. If you’re ready to increase your sales, simply click to install and try a free plan right now!

Hextom’s Free Shipping Bar has the following features:

Free shipping bar that can be fully customized

Keep track of how well shipping bars are performing.

On individual pages, you can enable or deactivate shipping bars.

Provide advanced targeting options.

Automatically detect the currency in use and guarantee that consumers receive a shipping bar with the appropriate threshold.


Plan that is completely free

$9.99 per month for the Premium Plan

4. Pixel Union’s Smart Shipping Bar

Smart Shipping Bar, created by Pixel Union, Shopify’s #1 design team can incentivize your consumers while also flawlessly matching your Shopify theme. The software claims to help you increase average order value by setting a goal for consumers to meet in order to qualify for free shipping.

The bar can be positioned anywhere on your website, including at the top and bottom. There are many stunning, customizable designs to select from, so you can find one that complements your logo.

Furthermore, the software is simple to set up. There are no technical skills required, and you’ll be ready to help customers receive more from their orders and optimize conversions on your website within seconds of adding it to your store. Also, unlike some other sites, there are no restrictions on the number of visitors who can see your notification bar.

Last but not least, tracking is available, which allows you to observe how well your shipping bars are doing and whether any adjustments are required to make them more successful.

Pixel Union’s Smart Shipping Bar has the following features:

No code modifications are required for installation.

There is no limit to the number of impressions you can make.

Real-time updates on cart goals

Exceptionally well-designed and adaptable

Targeting and planning ahead of time

Monitoring of results


Plan that is completely free

$4.99 a month for the Premium Plan

5. Leadslide Free Shipping Bar

Leadslide Free Shipping Bar focuses on building a free notification bar, announcement, discount, promotion bar, or social media bar on your header or footer in a few minutes. The app is mobile-friendly and compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, including desktop, laptop, iPad, iOS, and Android.

Leadslide’s Free Shipping Bar has the following features:

Make sure your audience is aware of your free shipping alternatives.

Customize any message you wish to send to your store’s clients.

Show the Notification/Alert Bar, the Coupon Bar, the Social Media Bar, and the Free Shipping Bar.

All gadgets are compatible.

Free of charge

6. Announcement bar & top bar by Roger Wilco LLC

Roger Wilco LLC’s Announcement bar & top bar generates attractive and functional bars that are ideal for collecting visitor data and promoting content. While the shipping bar is only a minor section of the app, it is a valuable tool for expanding your company’s contact list.

The email collecting bar is a standout feature that elevates this software to new heights. You may put a bar on your website, greet visitors, and gather their emails and/or phone numbers with Yeps bar. The Yeps bar is extremely responsive, allowing it to fit properly on any device or screen size.

No coding knowledge is necessary to use the one-click install feature. It’s one of the easiest bars to personalize, and you can alter the color of the bar with only a few clicks to match your logo.

Finally, the app allows you to geo-target your audience, ensuring that visitors only view messages that are relevant to their location or language. You can also utilize the traffic source to filter out messages that come from Facebook, Google, or another source. You can also specify which pages receive the bar notifications.

Roger Wilco LLC’s Announcement bar & top bar has the following features:

Free shipping and announcement bar that can be customized

With an email collecting bar, you can grow your email list.

Content should be promoted.

It’s mobile-friendly and works on any device.

Simple to set up and utilize

Targeting that is more precise

Free of charge

7. Geo Shipping Bar by MLVeda

If you sell in multiple countries, you may need to educate your clients about country-specific promotions. On a multi-country shipping bar, you might want to display a welcome message or notify your consumers about free shipping, discount codes, and other offers.

MLVeda’s Geo Shipping Bar allows you to accomplish just that! At the top of each page, you can display IP-based country-specific notifications. This also allows you to display the appropriate currency and information for each consumer, making it much easier for them to buy from you.

MLVeda’s Geo Shipping Bar has the following features:

Based on the customer’s IP address, determine their location.

Display personalized free shipping bar messages particular to a country, continent, or store.

In just a few minutes, you can create and show a free shipping or welcome message bar.

Installing on your website is simple and quick.

Free of charge

8. Easy Free Shipping Bar by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Easy Free Shipping Bar is very simple to set up and use on your website. The bar is totally configurable and simple to set up, allowing it to match your store’s logo for greater integration. Themed designs are also available for specific event-based advertising (such as Christmas).

Easy Shipping Bar is a slim slide-out bar that lets you display all of your shopping-friendly buttons, such as “Discount,” “Free Shipping,” and so on. It can assist in informing your audience about current promotions and hence assist in increasing sales. It can also show the total cart amount to buyers, assisting them in deciding and selecting things that are within their budget.

Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd’s Easy Free Shipping Bar has the following features:

Installing and customizing is simple.

Responding to customer contacts in a progressive manner

Provide a consistent and responsive appearance and experiences across several devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Provide a variety of themes for different holidays and events.

Free of charge

9. Sales Box – Shipping & Offers by FireApps

FireApps’ Sales Box – Shipping & Offers was created to allow you to insert important information immediately beneath the “Add to Cart” button on your product page. It will assist your customers in making faster decisions, reducing abandoned carts and increasing revenues.

Sales Box displays shipping costs, shipment time, special discounts, and any available promotions by dynamically tracking clients’ whereabouts. Furthermore, the app is totally customizable, allowing you to target specific categories or nations with your sales pitch.

Key elements of FireApps’ Sales Box – Shipping & Offers:

Your free shipping offerings will wow your customers.

Personalized sales communications that reach the correct people

Use IP addresses to convert currency messages automatically

Make your product page look more appealing.

There’s no need for code, and it works with practically all Shopify themes.

Monthly cost: $19.

10. Free Shipping Progress Bar by Ethercycle

Ethercycle’s Free Shipping Progress Bar is a simple, easy-to-use, and configurable shipping bar. The app’s messaging, threshold, and colors may all be customized to match your business. You may sample this fantastic app for 14 days for free before deciding to buy it.

Ethercycle’s Free Shipping Progress Bar has the following features:

Text, colors, and the threshold can all be changed.

Installation, setup, and use are all simple.

Monthly fee: $4.99


When it comes to completing an online purchase, shoppers want and expect free shipping. They may abandon their cart, though, if they are unsure how much money they have left to spend to get that offer. This can have a big impact on your sales and brand value.

We believe that by using the 10 Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar Apps, you can make the procedure on your website more fun and increase your sales. Our team will keep this list up to date on a regular basis. If you have any questions about this review, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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