¿Qué es una campaña de temporada? 10 ideas de marketing estacional
La publicidad estacional puede centrarse en los temas y las cualidades distintivas de diversas fiestas. Si planifica promociones estacionales ingeniosas, podrá llegar a su público objetivo y crear una clientela fiel.

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What is a Seasonal Campaign?
A campaign that is created for holidays and other special occasions is known as a seasonal campaign. This kind of marketing often has a limited lifespan and a seasonal special. It does, however, also have a time restriction.

Holiday marketing efforts are a fantastic method to spread awareness of your business at any time of the year. When you want to target clients who are seeking a certain product, such as those who want a present for their relatives and friends, they are very successful.

La publicidad estacional puede centrarse en los temas y las cualidades distintivas de diversas fiestas. Si planifica promociones estacionales ingeniosas, podrá llegar a su público objetivo y crear una clientela fiel.

Additionally, they can boost sales when your company’s cycle is slow. Seasonal advertising may also be used to increase sales and draw in new clients.

The importance of seasonal marketing
A young woman in overalls displays a brown present box with holiday decorations. A seasonal campaign is a marketing plan that takes the season and holidays into account. The major objective is to promote goods or services that are pertinent to what people are doing, such as buying presents for friends and family or spending more time outside in the summer.

If you’re doing seasonal ads for a business that offers seasonal goods like Christmas decorations or beachwear, they can be very beneficial.

Seasonal marketing initiatives may be a terrific way to boost consumer engagement and revenue conversions. It makes customers want to purchase your goods and services from you. Additionally, the Christmas season gives one the impression of returning home for the season.

Holiday product and service promotion work well with seasonal marketing strategies. By offering exclusive discounts along with your new product announcements, you may boost sales conversions. Seasonal marketing emphasizes short supply, urgency, and the possibility of FOMO.

10 Ideas for Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

The key to raising sales conversions is using seasonal marketing! But do you know what tactics work best for winning a campaign? We’ve given you 10 ideas for marketing campaigns that you can use for your business during the different seasons. Don’t miss out the bonus idea at the end of this article.

1. Improve Your Landing Page

Create a unique web page for each holiday. Holiday-themed banners, colorful buttons, and popups can be added to websites to draw in more visitors. It’s also possible to use holiday language during this time without seeming tacky.

Keep in mind the identity of your brand when accomplishing that. Additionally, the dependability of your brand depends on consistent design.

2. Provide special discounts and deals

One of the most popular seasonal marketing campaign ideas is to give discounts and other special deals on your items. You can either choose the relevant goods based on the season or include all of your products in this sale.

Assume, for instance, that you manage a stationery-focused online business. In such instances, you may offer back-to-school specials or provide discounts on Christmas decorations over the holiday season.

Offering discounts and special deals for holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day is a great idea. Giving customers exceptional discounts might entice them to purchase more goods because so many people are shopping for gifts.

Halloween pop-up illustration “Where are you going? 30% off during Halloween sales Y “You Cart” You may provide your visitors with discounts by using popups like this one. You can capture the festive atmosphere by making a festive popup! You may copy this eerie Halloween popup design from our popup display if you like it.

3. Sort Your Products Based on Special Days

You may add several categories based on different portions of the holiday season, such as Christmas. You may aid individuals in their search for the ideal present for a loved one by classifying your items.

During your holiday campaign, you might want to add different categories to your product pages, such as gifts for friends, partners, family members, and acquaintances.

People can quickly locate what they’re looking for in this way since it enhances the user experience. We are all aware of how challenging it can be to select the ideal present during the holiday season. You may also sell more of your products if you suggest related items from different categories.

4. Present-wrapping options at checkout

Offering gift-wrapping alternatives to your clients at the checkout process might be important because holiday campaigns mostly focus on delivering gifts to their loved ones. By doing so, you may spare them the time-consuming task of gift-wrapping while still making them feel unique.

You can also use gift wrapping to promote your business by using your brand’s logo or other elements that are part of your brand’s identity.

5. Add Timers for Countdowns During Specific Seasons

We naturally like a compelling FOMO component in seasonal marketing efforts. By including countdown clocks, you may make your visitors feel pressed for time and FOMO. You might mention when your special deals expire and use attention-grabbing language to get people to your site.

You might warn your consumers that you have a limited supply and that it might run out soon so they can get what they need right away.

An example of a Christmas pop-up with the heading “percent 10 OFF ON EVERYTHING,” a picture of Christmas-themed gift-wrapping, and a countdown timer.

This kind of countdown popup might be a terrific way to attract clients. Don’t forget to include call-to-action language and a visually appealing popup design that is appropriate for the occasion. In addition to a discount, we also incorporated a picture of gift boxes into this popup design.

You may also include photographs of your products that feature decorations for holidays and other special occasions, as well as a countdown to heighten the sense of urgency. Another excellent example of a call-to-action is including a “Shop Now” button underneath the countdown.

6. Build an email list and improve your email marketing strategies

You may gain more from seasonal marketing by growing your email list and delivering relevant emails all year round. By segmenting your email list, you can send relevant newsletters to your clients and visitors at certain times.

In order to prevent people from missing your holiday sale, you may let your email subscribers know when it begins.

You may give your email subscribers exclusive discounts over the Christmas season in addition to publicizing your specials. You may provide them with the ideal justification for signing up for your email newsletter in order to expand your email list.

7. Provide early access to subscribers and members

Customers may be given early access to your discounts and specials during your seasonal promotion. More people will sign up for your email newsletter or membership as a result.

People may be persuaded to subscribe if you make a huge sale announcement prior to it and explain that premium subscribers may purchase everything they want earlier.

8. Make your seasonal campaigns more challenging and game-like.

Your landing page may become more entertaining by using gamification components. For instance, gamification popups and discounts for players of specific games might both fit with the festive mood.

An example of a gamification popup with a Valentine’s Day-themed explanation and a game to earn coupons for discounts. This kind of gamification popup may be used to provide your visitors with discounts. They may then join your email list and begin taking advantage of your deals.

You may offer challenges in addition to festive buttons and games that visitors can play on your website.

It might be quite beneficial to enhance sales conversions to provide difficulties that will increase user engagement. For these issues, you may utilize social media to engage with your audience.

One of the most popular and successful methods is to give away an advent calendar throughout the holiday season. Adding new products or services to each day before the new year is a great way to make seasonal marketing more fun.

9. Always personalize your social media campaigns.

Whether or not you use social media, you must provide relevant information during holidays or on significant occasions. Social media is a great way to connect with target markets and spread the word about your brand.

Starbucks’ Instagram account throughout the holiday season, features shots of its products, its customers, and a challenge.

One example of a company that uses social media well for seasonal promotions is Starbucks. Their Instagram feed over the holiday season looks like this. They feature holiday pictures, client photos, and advertisements for their coffee. The company switches out its paper cups for the holiday season.

Starbucks’ Instagram post from the spring season, which features photographs of corresponding drinks, product names, and ideas relating to the season, Starbucks uses its social media networks to pose questions to its fans and to provide challenges.

Three of their beverages are included in their Instagram picture from the first day of spring, which pairs them with various springtime feelings. They advertise their drinks and it fits right in with the mood of spring.

10. Produce content that is user-generated.

Your holiday marketing efforts can benefit greatly from the creation of user-generated content. You must consider consumer input before developing your campaign in order to achieve that.

You can simply produce user-generated content if you are adept at understanding your audience. You may greatly benefit by routinely analyzing user behavior and selecting helpful materials for them.

Of course, when creating content, you should keep the tone and personality of your business in mind. User-generated content can be helpful if it is always made in the same way and gives your visitors the information they may be looking for.

Bonus Idea
Additionally, you may include endorsements and customer feedback during your seasonal promotions. Your marketing initiatives can benefit greatly from the use of social proof.

Power phrases like “most preferred, most-liked items, usually bought,” for instance, can be added to product descriptions to enhance conversions. You could also add to your seasonal special items that will soon be out of stock.

Using social proof popups is another way to add customer reviews to your holiday promotions.

Your visitors may also find user reviews and product comments useful in making decisions. People may be persuaded to purchase a product by reading an honest and sincere review of it. If you want to share customer reviews, you can definitely get creative!

Here you can check out our 30+ Social Proof / FOMO widgets and it’s completely FREE!

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