Las 15 mejores herramientas de generación de imágenes
The following list of 20 image-creation tools will help you streamline your process and create visually interesting content.

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The image-generating software is the Swiss Army knife you need to fuel your team’s creative adventure.

Visual marketing is hugely popular today, so depending solely on text-based content will not captivate your audience and increase organic traffic.

It’s crucial to weigh your possibilities and locate an image-generating system suitable for your brand’s size and requirements.

The following list of 20 image-creation tools for 2022 will help you streamline your process and create visually interesting content.

What are the tools for creating images?

Teams can alter interactive images and assist in creating various designs using image production tools.

These technologies can assist organizations in accelerating their innovation and producing aesthetically appealing marketing materials by utilizing sophisticated image processing features and automation.

You need attention-grabbing and personalized photographs to keep your audience interested, whether posting on your e-commerce Instagram or Facebook page or developing new material for your blog and product sites.

And this is where tools for creating images are useful.

The top image creation and processing tools for 2022 are listed here with reviews and comparisons.

I hope this directory will help you locate the best online solution for your company and increase the effectiveness and productivity of your staff.

1. RenderForm

The first image-generating tool on our list, RenderForm, enables you to create templates and produce images using personalized graphics, inscriptions, and QR codes.

This web-based design solution provides automated features to create photos for your social media, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns.

With its top-notch software and easy learning curve, RenderForm provides no-code automation solutions.

With your preferred no-code tools like Zapier and MailChimp, this application can automate picture generation to simplify time-consuming activities.

Top Qualities
Extensions & native apps.

CSS and HTML template editor.

Open-graph visuals

Part of the rating.

Component attributes.

Formats for QR codes.

Bespoke typefaces.

Integrated plugins.

Pricing for RenderForm is based on use. ($0.05 for each image created).

Free Plan: It comes with 25 render requests for images.

RenderForm Pro: $19 per month or $190 per year.

2. Abyssale

“Automate & grow your visual marketing” is the motto on the homepage of the Abyssale picture creation tool.

You may automate the distribution of your images across all of your marketing channels by using Abyssale, another excellent picture-generating technology.

This innovative image processing tool significantly reduces the time your design team must spend on it by producing eye-catching pictures on their own.

You can use its native integrations, Zapier or Integromat, to design your creative automation workflow once you’ve tried it out.

Although the lack of a free plan is a disadvantage, and it may initially seem a little confusing, the app has many instructional videos, tips, and homemade recipes that can help you with any queries you might have.

In other words, this picture creation tool may assist you in launching an email marketing campaign, optimizing your e-commerce site, or scheduling your social media postings.

Top Qualities
Scalable layouts.

No automation of code.

HTML5 development.

Over 100 free templates.

Multi-Format assistance.

Auto-scaling is intelligent.

Prominent editor in the field.

Free Trial: A 7-day trial of the product with 30 free credits is available.

The basic plan cost is $49 per month or $39 per year.

Advanced Plan: $79 Monthly/$63 Annual Billing.

Premium Plan: $299 Monthly / $239 Annual Billing.

Enterprise Plan: A specific estimate.

3. Celtra

A good Abyssale substitute is the Celtra image-generating tool, which will hasten the scalability process.

This picture automation solution enhances team productivity, collaboration, and performance for your company’s digital marketing efforts.

According to the social evidence on their webpage, Celtra has assisted leading businesses like Spotify, Adidas, and CNN with their creative marketing initiatives.

The app’s lack of a pricing structure is a downside, and other reviews indicate that there is no asset file size cap, which means you can end up paying more for ad-serving charges than you had anticipated.

In the end, the tool might not be perfect, and it could take some practice to get the feel of it, but the team is committed to continuous improvement and provides real value to users through first-rate customer service.

Top qualities
The Central library of content.

Integration of Adobe Photoshop.

Coding-free creation of original templates

Parameters for automatic scaling and layout.

Uploading a custom font for unlimited use.

A built-in collection of Google and Monotype fonts.

Components with content awareness for managing edge cases.

Celtra Pricing
For its services, Celtra does not provide pricing information. However, it allows customers to schedule a demo to see the solutions in action.

4. Bannerbear

Suppose you want dynamic email visuals to speed up your social media marketing and e-commerce adverts. In that case, Bannerbear is another fantastic auto-generating picture solution to consider.

This tool’s API can change each text and image in a template.

Simply send your modification requests to the Bannerbear API endpoint, and an image will be generated for you within a few seconds.

Learning the entire process could be difficult initially, but the extensive knowledge base and attentive customer support will help you.

More crucially, Bannerbear enables the use of any language, provided that the language’s writing system and the font are compatible.

Top Qualities
Complete personalization with numerous layers, unique fonts, and logos.
AI face auto-detection is a choice.

API integration is simple.

Text auto-scaling for long title variations.

Numerous simple integrations.

Language service.

Free Trial: A free trial can be started with 30 API credits.

$49 USD per month for the Automate Plan.

Plan Scale: $149 USD per month.

Business Plan: $299 USD per month

5. Bannerflow

Another creative management software to suit your needs is The Bannerflow, which enables you to automate and streamline your efforts in digital marketing.

You may manage digital marketing with the help of this transparent, simple platform without depending on outside parties.

Bannerflow supports a wide variety of visual ad formats and integrates with other top ad tech companies without any issues.

The platform’s numerous online visual designs simplify managing campaigns, enabling businesses to increase ROI and simplify processes.

According to a user review of Bannerflow on G2, certain businesses may find it difficult to establish and scale display advertising campaigns due to the price model (based on impressions).

Top Qualities
Custom widgets and distinctive design components.

HTML5 animation that is advanced.

Clever scaling with AI.

Codeless drag and drop.

Intelligent optimization

Teamwork in the cloud.

Basic duplication

Although you can request a price from Bannerflow, pricing information is not provided.

6. Desygner

Desygner is another user-friendly web-based option that enables non-designers to independently create graphic design documents with brand coherence.

Desygner is a user-friendly application with a drag-and-drop graphic design capability and fully changeable predefined design templates, making it a terrific option.

The app is incredibly cheap and is regarded as a more economical version of Canva with better functionality.

Desyner’s user review on Capterra claims that while occasionally being a touch problematic, changing graphics and exporting, the free edition has numerous capabilities that can make up for it.

Top Qualities
Artwork administration.

Asset classification

Asset repository.

Bespoke typefaces.

Facebook Scheduler (iOS & Android)

Reversionary and version history.

Free Plan: 0 dollars for one user.

Pro+ Plan: $4.95 per month, payable annually.

Business Plan: $9.95 per month, payable annually.

Enterprise Plan: Individual price.

7. Creatopy

The term “Ad Design Automation Platform” can be seen on the site of the Creatopy picture-generating tool.

With the help of the image design automation platform Creatopy, your team may personalize and accelerate the marketing procedure.

Using fully customizable templates, you may use this image production tool to create print assets, social media images, and display ads.

By avoiding tedious, repeated chores, its automation capabilities let you make the most of your time and significantly speed up your productivity.

You won’t experience any issues using it, and even if it’s a bit pricey and there may be a few bugs, according to reviews of Creatopy on G2, you can be sure their support staff is on hand to help.

Top Qualities
Personalized branding and templates.

Advanced management of digital assets.

Simple drag-and-drop editor.

Weather effects & countdown widgets.

Color, pattern, and art storage

Blend setting

Remove a smooth background.

17 dollars each month, billed annually.

Automate annual billing of $35 per month.

Optimized: Individual quotation.

8. Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a great tool you may use, just like other Google products, to expedite the creation and design of images.

The sophisticated capabilities of this program allow you to expedite your process while producing eye-catching films, pictures, and HTML5 advertisements.

The tool is interactive and user-friendly, can be used by anyone without coding knowledge, and is extremely adaptable for those with coding experience, according to Google Web Designer’s G2 reviews.
You can simultaneously generate content with drawing tools, text, and even 3D objects using the powerful features of GWD.

The best part is downloading and using Google Web Designer is free.

Top Qualities
Fluid and flexible layouts.

Dynamic ad workflow

Editing of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Between the Design view and the Code with ease.

Ads that adapt to different platforms and screen sizes.

Simple drag-and-drop elements

Web components with pre-programmed code.

Troubleshoot typical problems.

For easy template customization, use Easy Mode.

Pricing for Google Web Designer
Free Plan: There is no charge to download or use Google Web Designer.

9. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

A unified web and mobile tool for producing and distributing rich multimedia content are provided by Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark). This tool may be used to produce social media posts, tales, invitations, and marketing materials, including banners, logos, and brochures.

The software is extremely user-friendly for non-designers and has a ton of sophisticated features, including a backdrop remover for producing original pictures.

This picture creation tool also has a large collection of digital assets and an easy-to-use design canvas powered by Adobe AI, which suggests color schemes and themes based on the user’s design themes.

According to G2 reviews of Adobe Creative Cloud Express, picking a certain element can occasionally be difficult, resulting in dragging away or resizing the incorrect thing. However, this is only a small annoyance because the app’s other comprehensive capabilities are more than makeup.

Top Qualities
Simple mobile access

Functions that convert files.

Creating stuff with drag and drop.

Multiple usable templates.

Multiple stock assets and flexible templates.

Video and image editing tools with lots of features.

Offers 100GB of premium storage in addition to 2GB of free cloud storage.

Free Plan: Free access to all essential features.

Premium Plan: With a 30-day free trial, it costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

10. VistaCreate

Another image-processing tool that makes it easier for non-designers to produce material is VistaCreate (formerly Crello).

This application simplifies, resizes, and removes the background from photographs because it includes professionally designed templates that are already preformatted and personalized.

VistaCreate provides a robust editor API interface to assist marketers in quickly creating eye-catching visuals for various social media and blogs.

This app is extremely user-friendly and lacks a learning curve, which is a recurring topic in all of VistaCreate’s reviews on G2.

To assist users in getting started, the program also offers brief video tutorials that break down each step of the image creation process.

Top Qualities
Using an API, integration is quick and simple.

The white-label option is offered in 17 different languages.

Removes backgrounds simply.

Making an image outline is intuitive.

Numerous pre-made templates.

Option for drag and drop and text overlay.

Producer of animation.

Free starter plan with more than 75,000 design templates.

Pro Plan: a 14-day free trial and a $10 monthly fee.

11. Visme

Another all-in-one image creation tool on this list is Visme, which enables non-designers to produce and distribute compelling reports, presentations, and data visualizations.

The tool’s extensive library of templates, stock photos, and animations enables content teams to expedite the process of creating visually appealing designs that are both individualized and intuitive.

Visme has a free plan and is less expensive than Creatopy, despite being more expensive than some of its rivals on this list.

The solution provides a fantastic selection of native integrations to quicken the process and increase team efficiency.

The free edition of Visme is constrained, and the personal plan is similarly constrained, according to some Capterra evaluations. In addition, there is no refund policy.

Top Qualities
A number of editable templates.

The natural integration is seamless.

Options for 30+ charts and diagrams.

Simple to alter designs for printable documents.

Option for offline presentation and editing.

Many 3D input choices.

Visme Pricing
Basic Plan: 100 MB of storage and other restricted features are free.

Personal Plan: $12.25 USD per month, paid annually.

Plan: US $24.75 per month, payable annually

Custom quotation for Visme for Teams.

12. Snappa

For small and medium-sized enterprises searching for an affordable approach to expedite their image creation process, Snappa is the ideal tool.

To generate high-quality online graphics, this program provides 5,000,000+ free, high-resolution stock pictures and various customizable readymade themes.

Snappa makes it simple to create fantastic GIFs and animations, as well as thumbnails and logos for social media posts or YouTube channels.

One of Snappa’s drawbacks, according to Capterra reviews, is that it only supports raster graphic formats; it does not provide vector forms. Consequently, you can find it inconvenient if you want to output as SVG or PDF, for example.

Top Qualities
Full collection of layouts and banners for social media.

Full-resolution stock images.

Remove a smooth background.

Schedule and instantly share your graphics.

Has little learning curve and is simple to use.

Choices for customizable branding.

Initial Plan: Free for a single user.

Pro Plan: $15 monthly or $10 monthly with yearly billing.

Team Plan: $30 monthly payable annually, or $20 monthly.

13. CorelDRAW

Another excellent tool for altering vector graphics is CorelDRAW, which enables users to customize images with numerous layers and pages.

The program is a fully-loaded toolbox with innovative and effective typography, layout, and vector graphics features.

The cost-effective membership plan for CorelDRAW gives you access to premium performance, exclusive new features, and content.

The software offers a touch-optimized user interface for an easier user experience and enables a cloud-based collaboration workflow to speed up your creative process.

The price range for acquiring licenses may seem a little pricey to beginners, but the program offers a decent return and refund policy.

While the tool can be difficult to use, it allows the ability to design everything one can dream of, according to CorelDRAW’s Capterra user reviews.

Top Qualities
Features created by customers.

Asset management in motion.

Saving time with typography.

Efficient workflow for collaboration.

Multi-page layouts and documents.

Corel’s intuitive font manager.

Layer-based photo editing tools with lots of features.

Annual Plan: €369.00 total with free trials at €30.75 per month

Single Transaction: €779.00 with Free Trials

14. Duply

With Duply, marketing teams and designers can collaborate to produce graphics and films without having to open an editor.

Duply provides cutting-edge capabilities to produce your image and video more quickly.
The app provides an API, interfaces with programs like Zapier and Airtable, or the option to directly make photos from a URL.

Although it can appear perplexing at first, you can navigate the tool and automate your image-generating process after reading the complete documentation they provided.

Top Qualities
Quickly processing images

Different API integrations

Automation in marketing

Adapting a template

Dynamic creator of content

Free Up to 2 Teammates with Free Plan.

$21 monthly for up to 25 templates with the Pro Plan.

Plan for startups: $48 per month for unlimited templates.

Business Plan: 79 dollars or more a month for limitless layouts.

15. MightyShare

Finally, we’d like to introduce MightyShar. a great tool for improving the images you share on social media.

A free WordPress plugin that you may add to virtually any WordPress page is included with the MightyShare image generator.

In essence, the tool creates a social share preview image by automatically using your WordPress post’s featured image and title.

Despite its limitations, the free plan offers personalized templates with your company’s colors and logo.

The program has fewer functionality than the other picture creation tools discussed above, but if you run a tiny blog, it can automatically post your images to social media.

Top Qualities
With 50 renders per month, the free plan.

Quick image generator for social sharing.

Several font choices.

Simple WordPress plugin.

Numerous configurable pre-made templates.

The plan initiated: $5 per month for 500 renderings.

$ 8 per month for 1000 renderings is the blogger plan.

Professional Plan: $2500 in renderings for $16.50 per month.

What Makes Image Generation Tools Useful?
Hands are holding a tablet with pictures of other women on it.

More marketers are using visual material to advertise their products as it plays a larger part in the marketing industry.

Employing infographics can help B2B marketers boost revenue by 49% more quickly, according to a report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

However, if you work in marketing, you are aware of how time- and money-consuming it can be to produce photos of high quality.

That is precisely why you need tools for creating images! These tools help increase team efficiency and support your creative process thanks to their cutting-edge features and options.

You may create the final frat using an image creation tool instead of spending hours exchanging emails with the marketing and design departments.

The best feature of these programs is that they offer native interaction with the most well-known networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others) so that you may automate the distribution process.

And to top it all off, you can use the pre-made templates and quickly edit them to create the greatest picture for your website and social media networks.

In the end, I think there are too many choices available.

The list is still a solid representation of what the industry has to offer at the moment, even though I may have overlooked some excellent ones (please feel free to recommend more).

As you can see, there are many possibilities, so don’t settle for just one or two.

Hit the “try now” button on these picture production apps to see which one best suits your needs. The majority of these applications provide free plans or trials.

I’m confident you’ll come up with a solution.

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