How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in Webflow?

The first step towards boosting your conversion rates with Social Proof is to add Social Proofy to your website. If you’re using Webflow, it’s easy.

1- Get your Social Proofy code
Login to your Social Proofy account and click “Install script” on the left navigation bar.

2- Copy your Social Proofy code
Select “Copy code” from the section

Social Proofy Pixel Install

3- In Webflow
Code that is entered in the Head tag is applied to your entire site and is a way to link external resources, add meta data, and use custom styles in your document. In Project settings >Custom code, enter your code in the Head code section, and Save changes.

Webflow Custom Html Code

Webflow Webhook Integration

You can easily submit form submissions on Webflow to Social Proofy using Zapier.

1. Create Zaps with Webflow + Webhooks by Zapier Integrations.

2. Go to the Data tab of your Latest Conversion widget and copy your Webhook Trigger URL.

3. Paste your Webhook Trigger URL into the Webhook POST field in Zapier. Make sure the url starts with https://.

4. Turn On Zap to finish the process.

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