How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in Thinkific?

Adding the Social Proofy Pixel Code

1. You need to add the Social Proofy pixel code snippet to your Thinkific website. We highly recommend using Google Tag Manager for this purpose, use this guide by Thinkific to add Google Tag Manager:

2. Install Social Proofy with Google Tag Manager

You could also add Social Proofy as an analytics tracking pixel in Thinkific.

Create a Notification

After you’re done adding Social Proofy to your website, you’ll need to track the purchases from Thinkific using webhooks.

1. Create a Latest Conversion notification
2. Select the Webhook tracking option (more info here)
3. Copy the Webhook

Custom Webhook

Setup a Webhook

In Thinkific head over to Settings Code & analytics Webhooks and click on New webhook in the top right corner.

Integración con Thinkific

1. Paste your Social Proofy webhook URL from the previous step in the Target URL field

2. For Topic select either order.created, enrollment.created OR user.signup

3. Save your webhook

That’s it!

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