How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in SendOwl?

Notification Webhook Setup

To track purchases and show those as social proof in your website, you’ll need a webhooks Latest Conversion notification.

1. Create a Latest Conversion notification
2. Select the Webhook tracking option (more info here)
3. Copy the webhook
4. Complete the notification wizard

Custom Webhook

SendOwl Setup


You can find more detailed information about SendOwl webhooks here:

Below is a summary of the required steps to connect SendOwl webhooks with Social Proofy:
1. In SendOwl, go to the Settings page and click Webhooks link in the Advanced, or go here:
2. Click Add a Webhook and fill the details.
3. In the URL field paste the webhook URL from Social Proofy
4. In the Event dropdown select Payment Complete
5. Done.


Code Snippet / Javascript

SendOwl allows to add custom javascript code to the checkout and thank you pages, for conversion tracking and for customizing the checkout experience (more info here).

In the SendOwl settings page click on Custom Code:


Add the Social Proofy pixel code snippet to the SendOwl input fields:


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