How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in Leadpages?

Drag & Drop pages and sites
Here’s where you can install your tracking code in our Drag & Drop pages and sites:

1. Create or open a landing page site where you’d like to install your code. Click the Settings tab  in the left-hand sidebar.
2. Select the Analíticas tab.
3. Paste your tracking code in one of the fields provided, according to instructions from your analytics service provider.
4. Click Save, then Update.

Leadpages Head Code

Standard Builder
You can paste tracking code onto any Standard landing page or opt-in form. Here’s how:

1. Open an existing Standard landing page, or create a new one.
2. In the builder, click Lead Page Options in the left sidebar, then select Tracking Codes.

Leadpages Head Code

3. Paste your code in the head or body section, then click Done.
4. Click Save in the top-right corner.

To add code to a form, follow the steps below.

1. Open your form (which can be part of a landing page or a standalone Standard pop-up).
2. Click Tracking Code in the left sidebar.

Leadpages Head Code

Paste your code in either the “Extra head” or “Extra body” section, then click Okay. Click Okay again to save your form changes.

The code will be added to all pages on your site and Social Proofy will start working.

Now verify your pixel in Social Proofy.

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