How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in Kartra?

To make Social Proofy work with Karta, usually you need to:

1. Install the code on the Kartra pages
2. Integrate Kartra to Social Proofy to send purchases information


Dragging a custom-code section into the canvas

You will find both options in the sidebar, under the area “Your code”:

Integración con Kartra

Paste your Social Proofy pixel code into this area and Save.


Outbound API / Webhook

use Kartra’s Outbound API with Social Proofy’s webhooks:

1. In Social Proofy, edit/create a notification that tracks “webhooks” and copy the webhook URL (read more about it here)
2. Go to Kartra My Integrations and pick Outbound API
3. Enable the Outbound API and paste the Social Proofy webhook URL there
4. Pick the relevant event to send to Social Proofy

Integración con Kartra

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