How to Install and Setup Social Proofy in Ghost?

You have to log into your Ghost Admin Dashboard. To do so, please open your browser and enter your domain name, followed by “/ghost”.

Once logged, please navigate through the left sidebar to Settings > Code injection.

The “Code injection” page is split into two sections – “Site Header” and “Site Footer”. Under each one, you will find content boxes, where you can inject your custom codes and styles.

To insert a code, simply click in the respective content box and enter it into it. Paste the Social Proofy pixel code into it.

When you populate the content boxes with the desired code, please press the “Save” button located on the top corner of the screen.

Ghost Header Script

The code will be added to all pages on your site and Social Proofy will start working.

Now verify your pixel in Social Proofy.

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