¿Cómo añadir un botón de chat de WhatsApp gratuito a tu sitio web?
WhatsApp, por otro lado, es una aplicación que todos utilizamos a diario para comunicarnos con nuestros amigos y familiares. Si integras tu empresa en ese entorno, desarrollarás de forma natural una relación más íntima con tu consumidor.

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WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app on the planet. It has a user base of over 2 billion people. And the number is continuously increasing.

Friends, relatives, and companies may use the app to communicate. It serves as a portal for companies to have personal, accessible, and casual dialogues with their consumers. As a result, several of them have included a WhatsApp chat button to their websites.

We’ll show you how to do it yourself in this post.

Why should you integrate a WhatsApp conversation into your website?

You should consider incorporating WhatsApp on your website for two key reasons.

After the visitor has left, stay in touch.

You won’t be able to contact a website visitor who contacts you via live chat after they depart. Customers are leaving quicker than ever before, as their tolerance wears thin every day. Unless you have the time to respond immediately all day.

When a visitor contacts you over WhatsApp, though, they get the same experience – without having to wait for a response on your website. This improves their experience and allows you more time to respond.

Whereas live chat used to seem more casual and intimate, it has evolved into a communication medium that many firms handle similarly to email. For website visitors, this makes it less appealing and unique.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is an app that we all use every day to communicate with our friends and family. You naturally develop a more intimate relationship with your consumer by integrating your business into that setting. Especially if you can respond quickly and in the appropriate casual tone of voice.

How to incorporate a WhatsApp conversation onto your website

There are three options for allowing your consumers to contact you using WhatsApp as a website chat.

– Chat and click
– QR code (Quick Response Code)
Social Proofy Whatsapp widget

1. Click to chat

Customers may use the click to chat capability to instantly start a WhatsApp conversation with another individual or company by clicking a URL. You don’t need to save any phone numbers in your phone to accomplish this. Simply click the link to launch a chat window and begin typing. This is true for both the smartphone app and WhatsApp Web.

You may use this functionality to attach a phrase to WhatsApp, such as ‘WhatsApp us!’ You may also put your phone number and make it a hyperlink.
On your contact page, a click-to-chat link is acceptable, but when you want to provide WhatsApp throughout your whole online client experience, things get a little more complicated. Having to share this link on every page of your website will make it appear cluttered.

2. Use the QR code

Customers may find it inconvenient to have to add a phone number to their contacts in order to start a WhatsApp discussion. This isn’t a viable option, especially if you intend to provide this channel as a company. Consider the actions a client must take:

They must first check your phone number.

They must then save you as a contact. This contains your company’s name and phone number. If they have to do this for all of the firms with whom they communicate, their contact list may explode.

Finally, the consumer must go to WhatsApp, look you up, and only then begin a conversation with you.

This does not take a long time. However, it does not guarantee a faultless client experience. That is, after all, the aim.

As a result, several businesses have begun to use QR codes to initiate conversations. All they have to do now is develop the code and install it on their website so that consumers may start a conversation right away.

To make a QR code like this, first, make a click to the chat link. Websites like QR Code Generator and QR Code Monkey can then convert this URL into a QR code.

Do you want to know how consumers feel when they use a QR code? Use this QR code to start a chat with our own Social Proofy WhatsApp account:

Add WhatsApp to your website with a QR code.

3. Social Proofy Whatsapp Widget

So far, we’ve spoken about two alternatives. However, neither of these is a real WhatsApp website integration. Using a Social Proofy WhatsApp Chat Widget is the ideal method to incorporate WhatsApp as a conversation on your website. Your consumers will be able to contact you via the WhatsApp chat button on your website as a result of this.

Sales and marketing
Online purchasing is becoming more popular than ever. However, it still pales in comparison to the experience of buying at a physical store. The ability to see and feel the items. I’m trying on some new sneakers. I’m having a chat with a store employee.

You may add a conversational element to your online experience by including a WhatsApp chat on your website. It helps your staff to collect leads, offer product advice, and even close sales – all while maintaining a personable and informal tone.

The dialogue continues on their app after the user leaves the website. This is a significant advantage of WhatsApp over traditional live chat.

Customer service is important.

Phone calls and emails irritate today’s customers. They need an excessive amount of work and time. When they have a question, they prefer to ask it over a messaging app or check it up in a help center themselves.

As a result, WhatsApp is an excellent tool for your customer care staff. You may conduct a personal and honest dialogue that is efficient for both the consumer and your team thanks to WhatsApp’s casual etiquette.

How to set up a WhatsApp conversation on your website that is automated
Customers will have to wait two days for an email response. They’ll have to wait in a phone queue. When they use WhatsApp, though, they anticipate virtually rapid responses. These expectations are both a blessing and a pain for customer care representatives. Customer satisfaction skyrockets when you deliver. If you fail, though, you will irritate your consumers.

Your staff will be able to keep up with the planned pace thanks to these automatons.

Quick replies
Do you ever get asked the same questions again and again? Concerned about your company hours, inventory, refund policy, or shipping methods? You do, of course. You’ll lose time if you don’t automate the answers to these queries.

What is the best way to integrate a WhatsApp conversation into your website?

An example of a rapid WhatsApp response.

You may automate addressing these FAQs by generating templated messages, often known as rapid responses.

Your consumers will always receive an immediate answer if you set up an auto-reply. When you are unable to answer immediately, this buys you some time. This is especially useful outside of work hours.

What is the best way to integrate a WhatsApp conversation into your website?

Outside of business hours, an auto-reply.

You can even utilize a chatbot for your site’s WhatsApp conversation if you’re ready to take it to the next level. A bot will respond to commonly asked queries and even gather leads – even while the store is closed.

Chatbot example:

A buyer is informed about shipping prices by a bot.

It might be intimidating to build a bot on your own. However, you may utilize a no-code chatbot builder using other tools. It’s simple and quick to do. You may even try it out and experiment with it before going live.

Today, add a WhatsApp chat to your website.

Are you ready to integrate a WhatsApp conversation into your website? This allows you to spend more time observing how your visitors react to it. Best of luck!

If you got confused with chatbots or just simply add an all-alone WhatsApp widget without a chatbot, proceed here.

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