Best Saas Landing Page Design Inspiration & Examples
The beauty of landing pages is that they can be customized to achieve any aim. With landing page design, there’s a lot of potential for creativity.

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The Basics of Landing Pages

The goal of landing pages is to convince visitors to take a specific action. That action is determined by the page’s conversion strategy. Some landing pages may include the following:

Increase the number of people on your email list by adding them.

Visitors should be encouraged to obtain an eBook or a guide.

Obtain registration for a webinar or a free consultation.

You sell a specific SaaS product.

The beauty of landing pages is that they can be customized to achieve any aim. With landing page design, there’s a lot of potential for creativity. To effectively exercise your creative muscle, you must first understand your possibilities.

Conducting research into what works is the most effective strategy for discovering how to create your ideal landing page. In the same way, that competitor research is essential to content marketing, looking at some existing SaaS landing page examples is guaranteed to inspire you.

Examples of SaaS Landing Pages

The eleven landing pages that follow show a variety of excellent designs. SaaS organizations utilize these sites to drive conversions of one sort or another.

Best Saas Landing Page Design Inspiration & Examples

What makes each of these SaaS websites appealing varies. We’ll go through each one in turn and explain why they’re so effective at meeting the site’s requirements. We’ll go over the main features of each page.

We are unable to give analytics statistics for any of the pages because they are not ours. However, examining the page’s features under a microscope should reveal why some of them are worth replicating. So let’s get started on providing you with that all-important landing page inspiration.


The Shopify landing page for the company’s free trial is a good place to start. The beauty of this page is how it manages to be both detailed and straightforward at the same time.

Best Saas Landing Page Design Inspiration & Examples

There’s enough white space at the top of the page, an easy-to-read header, and no clutter. This gives the page a neat and appealing appearance. It also means that a visitor who wants to “Get Started” right away will have minimal difficulty doing so.

Even yet, the page manages to persuade those who aren’t convinced to sign up for the trial. It has three main features: easy-to-use themes, affordable cost, and reliability. Below the image, you’ll find a list of Shopify’s platform’s detailed yet easy-to-sell points. They explain why the trial should be completed. They do it without making the page look like a dull fact sheet.

The subheading copy on Shopify is also worth noting. The company is well-known around the world, and they make it known. They quickly establish confidence with new visitors to the page by mentioning the number of firms they already work with.


If the goal of your landing page is to offer a service, it must convey a few key messages to visitors. It must clearly demonstrate the value proposition, explain what the product does, and why it may be beneficial to them. To accomplish this, many pages use text or even videos. Muzzle’s landing page takes a different approach.

Muzzle is an app that allows you to turn off notifications when taking screenshots or sharing your screen. The landing page immediately demonstrates when and why that is beneficial. As soon as you land on the page, you’ll be bombarded with possibly humiliating notifications.

You wouldn’t want to share any of the notifications that occupy the right side of the screen. The creative website makes you giggle and immediately sells the benefits of Muzzle’s product. It also allows Muzzle to keep a copy to a minimum while maintaining the page’s clear, sharp aesthetic. They do a terrific job of summarizing their goods in one phrase with the simple copy they do utilize.


Softgarden excelled in one area: constancy. All of the buttons on their landing page lead to a lead capture form where visitors can schedule a demo. There isn’t any mention of a trial period. It’s an intriguing strategy to display the platform first and then talk about the following steps after the potential clients are impressed.

The landing page of Softgarden is clearly organized into categories. Each one has its own backdrop color, so transitions are immediately obvious. The page employs a variety of movies to convey its message and clarify large concepts. It aids in content digestion and enhances the user experience. Additionally, there are numerous photographs depicting the product’s most significant characteristics, so visitors are not left in the dark about how the tool looks.

There Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Landing Pages.

Our SaaS landing page examples should have proven one thing: pages don’t have to follow a specific template in order to be successful. The examples we’ve given so far couldn’t be more dissimilar. Some people like simplicity and directness, while others value originality and wit. They each have their own distinct styles and tones.

All of the examples have one thing in common: they’re interesting and tailored to their intended viewers. Hopefully, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, these case studies have provided you with plenty of ideas for your landing pages. You’ll be sure to build pages that will enhance your conversions by twinning some of the components you enjoy with your creative twists.

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