8 Best Subscription Analytics Software in 2022
Data from digital analytics should be used to persuade salespeople and marketers to improve their performance.

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Digital analytics analyzes data from a variety of sources to assist businesses in tracking their products and services and online performance. Companies can improve their sales management through digital marketing analytics. If they have trustworthy data to analyze, their performance will be successful.

With more synchronized data, the company’s insights and marketing efforts may be magnified, resulting in increased sales. Data from digital analytics should be used to persuade salespeople and marketers to improve their performance. As a result, knowing which digital analytics technologies are being used is essential.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s own web analytics tool, and it’s crucial for a website’s and company’s digital performance. As long as you have a Google account, you can utilize this tool.

It’s simple to get started using the tool. The majority of the time, consumers can instantly track vital data. Unlike other digital analytics systems, though, Google’s becomes more complicated over time. However, getting used to it will benefit users, particularly enterprises, with additional benefits.

When websites provide useful data, the Google Analytics tool provides more options for optimization. Users and organizations can also get tips on how to increase their overall sales.

2. RevenueCat

The platform for mobile app subscriptions. Without having to manage servers, you may have a scalable subscription backend and rich analytics. In-app purchases and subscriptions are simple to build with our open-source framework, which includes a backend and a wrapper over StoreKit and Google Play Billing. With our native SDKs, you can: 1) fetch products, make purchases, and check subscription status, whether you’re building a new app or already have millions of users. -Use our dashboard to host and configure goods remotely.

Gather and analyze all of your app’s key analytics in one location. -Track client transactions, calculate lifetime value and provide promotional subscriptions. Webhooks allow you to be notified of real-time events. Formalized paraphrases of our simple connectors to send enriched purchase events to analytics and attribution systems.

3. Qonversion

The data subscription platform for mobile-first businesses In one spot, you’ll find cross-platform subscription infrastructure, revenue analytics, engagement automation, and connectors to help you build your app quicker. Qonversion enables in-app subscriptions to be implemented quickly. You don’t need to develop your own server because it provides the back-end infrastructure to validate user receipts and manage cross-platform user access to paid content on your app.

Qonversion also offers complete subscription analytics as well as pre-built connections with the most popular marketing, attribution, and product analytics systems.

4. Calqulate

With SaaS growth metrics, you can grow quickly and fulfill your goals while keeping your business humming. On one simple platform, all critical subscription data, cash flow management, and financial forecasts are available. All of the information and KPIs that are important to your subscription and SaaS businesses are bundled into stunning automated dashboards for revenue, retention, unit economics, and more. Calqulate’s automated cash flow forecasting keeps track of your subscription payments, employee expenses, loans, and equity. You’ll always know what’s up (or down, but primarily up!) with your company this way.

Every Calqulate dashboard has a built-in tool for forecasting, so you can meet your SaaS growth targets and stay ahead of the curve. Expenditure Forecasting: Track, evaluate, and forecast your spending. Calculate connects your spending to cash flow forecasting and CAC calculations so you can plan ahead of time for whatever comes your way.

MixPanel is vying for third place. The data analytics tool was created to help self-serving designers, product managers, and even engineers, answer concerns about the relationship between user behavior and goods.

5. MixPanel

MixPanel pledges to provide project teams with access to user behavior analysis so that they can participate in the creative process of enhancing their services. This application primarily functions as a sales funnel to help its users’ websites perform better. Users can examine how visitors and customers engage with online products and services using digital analytics tools like MixPanel. The information supplied will aid in the identification of trends in user behavior and decision-making that are linked to a company’s product or service.

MixPanel uses an event-based, user-centric architecture to link every recorded interaction to a single website visitor. This data model takes into account all aspects of a visitor’s footprint. At the same time, they provide suggestions for improving user engagement.

The distinction between MixPanel and other data analytics tools is that it uses a simple and standardized methodology to measure dimensions of site activity automatically.

6. ProfitWell

ProfitWell analyzes your payment processor data and generates detailed reports and visuals that illustrate growth, churn, and other metrics. Profitwell provides you with a wealth of information about your customer base’s revenue development. You can see how much money is generated by new customers versus upgrades, as well as your average customer lifetime value and monthly recurring revenue.

As a marketer, this data is crucial in determining which channels to dedicate marketing money to and providing management with clear performance data. It allows you to see all of the underlying data and compare it to your own. It also allows you to track the effects of change over time. The graphs and graphical breakdowns offered are really useful.

7. ChartMogul

ChartMogul is a subscription analytics software that can assist you in running your subscription business. MRR, ARPU, ASP, churn, and LTV are presented in an attractive and easy-to-use dashboard, giving you a complete picture of your worldwide subscriber base.

Their objective is to create powerful and secure cloud software for subscription businesses of all kinds, with a focus on usability and design.

ChartMogul assists businesses in maximizing the value of their subscription billing data. ChartMogul transforms raw data from a variety of sources into beautiful, easy-to-understand visuals, allowing anybody in an organization to conduct studies and derive meaningful insights from customer and revenue indicators.

8. Baremetrics

Stripe, Shopify Partners, Braintree, Recurly, Chargebee, Google Play, and App Store Connect teams can use Baremetrics to get real-time subscription metrics.

Baremetrics offers solutions to help you reduce churn and develop your business faster, in addition to metrics:

Recover: With their fully automated toolbox, you can avoid failed charges and keep your hard-earned money. Learn why your customers cancel, calculate lost revenue based on the reason for cancellation, and send automated emails to reclaim consumers. Plan for the future with adaptable financial modeling tools designed specifically for growing SaaS businesses.

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