5 Best Squarespace Social Proof Plugins in 2022
If you want to integrate social proof on your Squarespace eCommerce website, you have five major alternatives.

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Plugins for social proof can be used in a variety of ways. The Live Sales/Recent Order Notification widget, however, is by far the most effective and widely used type of plugin.

This is a little pop-up that appears in the bottom-left corner of a website and displays what other customers have recently ordered. It instantly establishes trust in your brand, spotlights your top products, and increases the social proof of your store. If you want to integrate social proof on your Squarespace eCommerce website, you have five major alternatives.

1. Social Proofy

This recommendation might be biased but in the end, you will decide the best for yourself. Social Proofy has a cumulative of 30+ Social Proof / FOMO widgets inside. It requires no coding knowledge and is really easy to implement on your Squarespace. Despite having Squarespace it is integrated with multiple marketing platforms and proven to increase your sales. You can track and analyze the performance of your widgets. It’s completely free for up to 1000 visitors and the best plan for SaaS and E-Commerce Websites is just $27 each month.

2. SquareCertify

SquareCertify is a new sales notification service that only works with Squarespace. It fits easily into your Squarespace store in around five minutes if you want to display real, live orders. You can also see simulated orders that you’ve manually entered. It’s free for life, with no time limits, and it costs $14 a month if you get 5,000 monthly visitors.

3. UseProof

Proof is a well-known social proof marketing plugin that is used by a number of large businesses, including Harry’s, Speedo, and Consulting.com. It’s a fantastic solution with really solid construction; the only drawback is the cost. They charge $66 per month if your store receives more than 1,000 visitors per month. Is this worth it to you? You’ll have to figure out your Squarespace site’s traffic and consumer behavior on your own!

4. For eCommerce stores, Sales Pop is the first and most innovative social proof plugin

They were one of the first plugins to be created, and over 600,000 websites use them. It’s also entirely free, which is fantastic. The only issue is that if you’re using Squarespace, it won’t work with your website! If you’re reading this and you’re not using Squarespace, you’re missing out. Sales Pop is definitely worth a look.

5. Fomo

Another alternative is Fomo, which is another of the early social proof apps. They have an excellent product with hundreds of integrations and message templates that can be customized. They’re highly customizable, and you can make them look however you want – though the default styling of the pop-ups is… not Squarespace-y, if that makes sense.

You worked hard to create your brand and website, and you don’t want a pop-up that seems out of place to damage it. The pricing is reasonable — they begin at $39 per month, so it’s not a cheap alternative, but these plugins all offer significant value to your bottom line.

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