Los 10 mejores programas de contabilidad para pequeñas empresas
Estas soluciones, en particular, utilizan la contabilidad por partida doble, proporcionan informes útiles, ofrecen asistencia en directo, se conectan con las aplicaciones de su empresa y pueden adaptarse a sus necesidades.

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The best accounting software for small businesses assists you in maintaining complete and accurate records. These solutions, in particular, use double-entry bookkeeping, provide helpful reports, offer live assistance, link with your company apps, and can scale to meet your needs. You’ll also need software that is commonly used if you plan to hire an accountant.

Here are the 10 Best Accounting Software picks that we have gathered for you:

1. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a software program that allows you to organize your
Zoho Books is online accounting software with outstanding accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R), and inventory management features. The invoicing program is lightning quick, and the bookkeeping software is packed with features at a low cost. Zoho Books is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive software such as QuickBooks that can handle all of your business’s needs.

The mobile app can help you with most accounting duties.
The free version of the software is fairly powerful.
Similar accounting software is more expensive.
Top-tier plan with multi-currency capabilities

Advanced capabilities, such as project tracking and process automation, are only available for a fee.
Fixed assets such as real estate, land, and equipment are difficult to track.
Each tier has a maximum number of users (after 20, cannot add additional users regardless of plan tier)
Web application is supported (cloud)
Android and iOS mobile apps
Price: Free if your fiscal year income is less than $50,000; premium plans begin at $10 per month.
14-day risk-free trial
App or interface with Shopify: Yes.

2. Freshbooks

FreshBooks is one of the most well-known and widely used accounting software for small businesses today. FreshBooks’ features include a variety of smart technology and back-office automation to make bookkeeping simple. FreshBooks may be set up to reconcile credit and debit balances and to import data from a variety of sources automatically.

Important financial statements may be accessed quickly, such as:

Sheet of Accounts
Statements of income
Statements of cashflow

You can also edit unique access permissions. Employees, for example, can be given restricted access to financial information, while your accountant can be given administrator rights.

Customer service is highly rated.
All plans contain capabilities for time monitoring and distance tracking.
Cloud accounting comes with a slew of options.

You can only enter a certain number of users and clients.
Bank reconciliation and accountant access are not available in the most basic plans.
Doesn’t provide you estimations for your taxes on a quarterly basis
Web application is supported (cloud)
Android and iOS versions are available.
Cost: The light plan starts at $4.50 per month.
30 days of free trial
App or interface with Shopify: Yes.

3. QuickBooks Online

Accounting software with the best overall rating. QuickBooks Online, from Intuit, is a popular bookkeeping program that may help small company owners manage their finances quickly and efficiently. QuickBooks includes everything a business owner needs to manage their accounting. It has a clean, basic design and clear reporting, so even newbies will have no trouble getting up to speed. Mileage and cost management, sales and tax reporting, and capabilities for managing 1099 contractors are all included in all QuickBooks plans.

Other QuickBooks subscriptions include inventory monitoring, support for up to 25 people, and even a dedicated customer care manager. The first month’s fee is $12.

QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced have inventory management built in.
Accounting in two parts
Compatible with third-party apps
Your accountant will be able to simply exchange information with you.
There are several QuickBooks courses, experts, and resources available on the internet.

Other accounting software solutions are more expensive on a monthly basis.
Only a certain number of account users are allowed for each plan.
To gain a hold on this program, there is a slight learning curve.
OS X, Windows, and a web app are all supported (cloud)
Android and iOS versions are available.
Starting at $12 per month, there are a variety of plans available.
30 days of free trial
App or interface with Shopify: Yes.

4. Xero

Xero might be the accounting tool that small business owners have been looking for. Xero is a smart accounting software application for small businesses that emphasizes ease of use and mobile functionality. Xero can be synchronized across many devices and provides real-time updates, ensuring that business owners always have the most up-to-date information.

The software has a simple, straightforward user interface and can manage a variety of accounting functions, including payroll (via a Gusto link), expenditures, billing and invoicing, and sales tax computation, among others. The monthly fee begins at $12.

All plans allow for unlimited users.
All plan tiers come with Hubdoc (automatic capture of receipts and bills)
Can handle assets that are fixed.
Project tracking that works

If your organization makes a lot of PayPal transactions, payment processing may take a long time.
Unpaid bills require manual follow-up (no automatic reminders)
The user interface is not straightforward, and it takes some time to get used to it.
There is no customer service available through the phone.
Web application is supported (cloud)
Android and iOS versions are available.
Starting at $12 per month, there are a variety of plans available.
30 days of free trial
Yes; third-party integrations are accessible through Shopify.

5. Sage 50 Cloud Accounting

Sage 50cloud Accounting is a feature-rich, cloud-based accounting software with enhanced capabilities and significant customization possibilities.

Smaller independent firms will benefit from the product’s Pro Accounting package, which costs $33 per month. It can handle a variety of accounting duties, such as expenditure monitoring, invoicing, and inventory management. Microsoft Office is also effortlessly integrated with Sage 50cloud Accounting.

Other Sage subscriptions have more capabilities, such as role-based security rights and account administration for numerous firms, but they may be beyond of reach for small enterprises on a budget.

There are several customization options available, allowing you to tailor the software to your specific requirements.
Inventory management and tracking technologies that are quite useful.
Integration of Microsoft 365

There is no access to additional accounting tools on the mobile app; it is simply for gathering invoices, receipts, and documents to send to software.
The user interface has an old appearance to it.
No plan option includes time monitoring.
Web application (cloud), Microsoft 365 integration are all possible options.
Although there is no mobile app, Sage 50c Capture is available as a software companion.

Cost: Annual plans start at $340.
There is no free trial period, however you may try the product out in a live demo.
No app or integration with Shopify is available.

6. Kashoo

Kashoo is accounting software for small businesses that seeks to automate most of the administrative labor associated with bookkeeping.

Kashoo learns more about your business the more you use it thanks to machine-learning algorithms. Kashoo analyzes everything from receipt classification to sales tax monitoring, allowing it to provide tailored advice on how to save money, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency.

Kashoo’s automated, intelligent accounting system isn’t for everyone. Kashoo costs $20 a month, however, there is a free trial available for those interested in the company’s approach to bookkeeping.

Simple to use
There is no limit to how many people you may invite.
Excellent client service.
Many administrative tasks have been automated.

Features are limited.
There is no app for Android.
There aren’t many possibilities for integrating.
Time-tracking and inventory management are two aspects that are missing.
Web application is supported (cloud)
App for iOS devices
Starting at $20 per month, there are a variety of plans available.
14-day risk-free trial
No app or integration with Shopify is available.

7. Wave Accounting

Accounting software that is completely free. Many of the accounting software options for small businesses on this list are free. However, even affordable might be a little too much at first for freshly founded independent firms. Wave, a small-business accounting software, recognizes this issue, which is why it is completely free.

Wave, which is available for Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS apps for invoicing and receipts, is great for small enterprises that are just getting started. Wave Accounting can do nearly all of the functions of premium accounting software, including cost management, banking reconciliation, payroll, and invoicing.

If all of this seems too good to be true, join up for a free account and see how Wave can help you manage your business’s accounts in less time––and no cost.

There is no cost.
Accounting in two parts
There are no limits on the number of users you may have, and you have complete control over who can see what
With customizable templates, you may create unlimited invoices.
Accounting software for mobile invoicing

Live chat help is only accessible for premium add-ons, and there is no phone support (Wave Payments and Payroll)
Current features will not be updated.
Accounting alternatives are limited.
Web application is supported (cloud)
Android and iOS versions are available.
Cost: nothing
n/a for the free trial
No app or integration with Shopify is available.

8. OneUp

OneUp, like Kashoo, strives to automate common operations in order to make bookkeeping a lot more simplified process.

By evaluating inputs such as bank account transactions, OneUp gradually “learns” how your accounting operates. With a single swipe on a mobile device, OneUp then asks the user to confirm the proposed reconciliations. Validations like this help to improve your skills.

In the future, OneUp’s algorithms will provide more precise recommendations. OneUp can also link specific bank transactions to past-due bills, saving even more time for company owners.

Excellent inventory module that can help you improve your cash flow.
Easy to follow the procedure for getting started
CRM feature integrated
For automated bookkeeping, syncs with the client’s banking information.

No ability to process payroll
For enterprises with a large number of employees, it’s expensive (unlimited user plan $169 per month).
There are no features that allow you to track your time.
Web application is supported (cloud)
Android-compatible app
Starting at $9 per month, there are a variety of plans available.
30 days of free trial
No app or integration with Shopify is available.

9. Seed Accounting

Accounting Seed is a software program that will help you improve the profitability, productivity, and scalability of your business by changing the way you manage your money.

Accounting Seed’s comprehensive suite of financial management tools will assist your business in a variety of ways. Accounting Seed, for example, recognizes that every business and company structure is unique, unlike other accounting software. That’s why it has processes that may be customized to fit your specific company needs.

It also facilitates team communication and provides visibility for your stakeholders, allowing you to cultivate your business’s relationship with its investors.


Here are a few of our favorite features of Accounting Seed:

Vendor Management: Don’t simply cater to your clients; make sure your vendors are paid on time and are continuing to provide your company their all.

Accounting Seed’s configurable workflows allow you to manage your business finances exactly as you want.

Accounting Seed connects to your bank and other business tools with ease. In seconds, you may create leads from connected applications and get full information on daily transactions.

Accounting Seed’s API is one of the most secure and dependable on the market, and it’s supported by Salesforce, the world’s most well-known content management system.


Accounting Seed’s price isn’t transparent, and it’s not displayed on the company’s website. You must submit a request using a contact form if you wish to learn about their intentions.

Salesforce.com native
APIs with a high level of security and dependability
Project administration is simple.
Vendor administration is simple.

Only on demand is pricing disclosed.

10. Zip Books

When it comes to small enterprises, not everyone can afford to start with premium accounting software. Let’s say you’re looking for a free accounting program that has practically all of the essential features to properly meet your accounting requirements. Try Zip Books in such a scenario.

Zip Books’ free plan allows you to send an unlimited number of invoices and includes sophisticated capabilities such as vendor and customer administration, as well as basic account reporting.

Zip Books enables digital payments using apps like Paypal and Square, in addition to traditional bank-to-bank transfers, making international payments more convenient.

You’ll be able to invite your team to work on your business finances when you upgrade to the premium plans, and you’ll be able to link numerous bank accounts to the same profile.


What we like about Zip Books are the following:

Zip Books will automatically email your clients invoice payment reminders.

Keeping Records Organized: Zip Books uses smart tags such as location, project, and any other customizable tag to keep your transactions organized.

Record Locking: When you’re finished with a project’s accounting duties, securely lock the files to prevent any additional alterations.

Users may also safely transmit important papers and financial information using Zip Books’ secure servers.

$0 for a single user as a start-up.
$15/month for 5 users is a better deal.
Complex: $35 per month for an unlimited number of users
Accountant: I’m working on a pricing strategy that’s unique to me.

Document collaboration has never been easier.
Free plans abound.
Digital payments are accepted.
Provides exceptional teamwork.

Integrations are few.

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