Las 10 mejores herramientas de email marketing para SaaS en 2022
Encontrar el mejor servicio de marketing por correo electrónico es el primer paso para el éxito de una campaña. Esta guía tiene una solución para ti, tanto si estás creando una nueva lista desde cero como si simplemente necesitas una forma más sencilla de llegar a tu público.

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One of the most effective marketing tools you have at your disposal is email. Compared to other marketing campaigns, it can increase engagement, foster relationships, and produce a higher return on investment. Finding the best email marketing service is the first step to a successful email campaign. This guide has a solution for you whether you’re creating a fresh list from scratch or simply need a simpler way to reach your audience.

Here is the list of 10 Best SaaS Friendly Email Marketing Tools in 2022

1. Acumbamail

A simple email marketing tool for all business types (from freelancers and SMBs to enterprises and institutions) It has all the tools necessary to develop a 360-degree communication strategy and effortlessly manage many channels from a single platform, including an intuitive, responsive drag-and-drop editor, more than 800 free email templates, and landing pages. Additionally, the support staff can be reached by phone, email, or live chat.

Easy to use, quick to learn
Large variety of template options
Create and manage lists unlike other tools

It’s a Spanish company and some of the support is provided in that language.
The documentation for the API is awful
Weak customer help
Pricing: €22,00/month


The customer interaction platform known as enables marketers to create the most complex automated messaging campaigns. You may generate targeted and pertinent communications that engage and keep your clients if you have access to your real-time behavioral data. Send messages via email, push notifications, text messages, and more using a simple but effective visual construction interface. was designed for scale, and more than 3,800 businesses use it to deliver more than 8 billion messages annually.

The customer database is incredibly adaptable and simple to update via API.
A very effective segmentation tool that may divide clients into groups for future communication by using events, customer profile fields, and even email engagement.

Text editor lacks powerful functionality; emails must be optimized using HTML.
Few pre-packaged layouts; CSS expertise is required for layout design.
Lack of workflow replication or cloning results in extra work.

3. SendGrid

Explore SendGrid if you’re seeking a user-friendly platform with a high delivery rate. To ensure faultless email marketing outreach, gain access to delivery optimization tools.
The testing features of SendGrid are well-known, but it also has other useful functions like analytics, marketing automation, and email generation. It is also a scalable platform for companies that expand quickly and steadily.

SendGrid Features
HTML email editor and responsive templates.
Rendering previews and testing for spam.
Tools for email validation and delivery insights
Message targeting and list segmentation

4. ConvertKit

For creators of all types, it is the ideal option. That includes celebrities, writers for blogs, creators of videos, musicians, artists, and more. This is so that their platform, which uses landing pages, e-commerce sites, and membership sites, can better engage and grow your audience.
You can get leads from people who just look at your blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, and other online properties.
ConvertKit is a great option for people who want to make automated email funnels for a reasonable price.

Features of ConvertKit
You will be led through a straightforward visual flowchart to set up automated emails.
ConvertKit consolidates all of your subscribers into a single list rather than having many lists of contacts. However, you will still have the option to manually tag them for segmentation or automatically tag them depending on their activity to enhance the customization of your messages. For artists who have large audiences, that’s fantastic.

The fastest way to send emails with neat formatting is with ConvertKit. There aren’t any intricate patterns or obtrusive features in this.

Like the majority of email marketing programs, ConvertKit’s pricing is determined by your subscriber count.

$29 per month for 0 to 1,000 subscribers.
$49 per month for 1,000 to 3,000 subscribers.
$79 per month for 3,000 to 5,000 subscribers.

You can take advantage of ConvertKit’s complimentary concierge migration service if you switch to them with more than 5,000 subscribers. If you choose an annual plan, you can save some money and receive two months for free.

More than 70 third-party direct integrations, form customization, and personalized reporting are all features of ConvertKit. With minimal help on nights and weekends, email and live chat are only available for 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

5. Integración con Sendinblue

Sendinblue offers a variety of nurturing features, like their simple sign up form options, landing page builder, and an intuitive and responsive email editor.

Due to its outstanding all-in-one digital marketing solution, rich reporting features, and a ton of configurable templates, Sendinblue is now one of the best email platform solutions available.

With SendinBlue, you can handle SMS and site chat messages, integrate Facebook ad management, and create an email marketing campaign with ease. Additionally, a built-in CRM makes it simple to keep track of everything.

Because all of your digital marketing efforts are concentrated in one place, Sendinblue is a wonderful strategy for attracting and retargeting all of your leads. You can send emails to an infinite number of recipients, so you won’t have to pay more as your mailing list grows.

If you’re interested in sending customized HTML emails, Sendinblue’s pre-built developer recipes will make it simple for you to send transactional or bulk emails as well as a variety of other handy options for developers.

Features of Sendinblue
Marketing Automation
Contact Segmentation
Built-In CRM
Email & SMS Marketing
Shared Inbox

Free version available
Lite: $25 per month
Premium: $65 per month

6. MailChimp

Small businesses can develop more quickly with the support of Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform. They offer AI-powered, user-friendly solutions that anyone can utilize to succeed as the foundation of your customer connections. Mailchimp puts your audience first so you can send promotional emails and automated messages, develop focused ad campaigns, construct landing sites, send postcards, make reporting and analytics easier, and conduct online sales.

Features of MailChimp
Email & Landing Page Templates
Customer Journey Builder
Custom Branding
A/B Testing
24/7 Email & Chat Support

Easy to use
Design Capabilities
Wide variety of email templates

The lists get very expensive after you grow past 2,000 subscribers.

7. SendPulse

Another good email service at a reasonable cost is SendPulse. It has campaign features as well as SMS, chatbots, and web push notifications for its users.

With this bulk email service, you can automate messages in formats other than email, like SMS, and design eye-catching campaigns using the email editor. Your marketing efforts might be greatly impacted by its personalization and segmentation options.

Features of SendPulse
The drag-and-drop email editor is part of Automation 360.
Statistics and list analytics
Comprehensive reporting and transactional emails.
Creator of online courses.
For up to 500 subscribers, the standard pricing plan starts at $8, and it rises to $12 for 1,000 contacts. There is also a free plan with restrictions, such as no segmentation options.

8. MailerLite

Have a limited budget? MailerLite is the only option! On its free plan, you can send up to 12,000 emails every month, and it costs just $9 per month to send unlimited emails to 1,000 contacts.

In contrast to other basic email marketing tools available, MailerLite is a useful tool for every business. MailerLite provides everything you need to launch mass email marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you’re developing a small charity, a side business, or a new freelancer.

For the necessities of email marketing, MailerLite is a strong and reasonably priced alternative.
A product like ActiveCampaign, which is around the same price per month, maybe a better option if you’re a small business owner and need more marketing tools like an integrated CRM and sophisticated audience segmentation.
However, MailerLite is actually an excellent (and reasonably priced) option for novices, personal projects, or if you only need to send straightforward email messages to your audience.

Features of MailerLite
Pop-Ups & Sign-Up Forms
You really can’t go wrong with MailerLite’s free plan, but their subscription plans offer even more benefits, such as the ability to sell digital products, use an unlimited number of templates, and set up auto-resend campaigns.

9. Drip

The platform Drip is quite new. It is a CRM that gives e-commerce companies access to email marketing. I prefer Drip because they specialize in providing smaller, independent shops with the same potent automation and segmentation tools for email marketing as larger eCommerce sites. This makes them perfect for new eCommerce entrepreneurs.

They are therefore excellent for newer brands wanting to gain an advantage.

You may monitor important commerce data linked to consumer intent and purchasing behavior using Drip.

Segmenting new website visitors from repeat clients will be possible. Drip also enables you to target customers who left shopping carts empty.

Drip provides you with tools that make it simple to target the right people with timely offers without requiring you to spend hours data mining.

Through email and other internet touchpoints, their CRM enables you to communicate with customers. Additionally, Drip provides a revenue attribution function that makes it easier for you to see which campaigns are genuinely profitable.

Once more, this is perfect for e-commerce stores.

Drip delivers all the tools you need to be successful with email marketing, including personalization features, strong segmentation choices, and thorough analytics.

Pricing is based on the number of customers in your account. The features and advantages offered by each plan are the same.

$19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.
$29 per month for 501–2,000 subscribers.

This extends up to plans with a cap of 140,000 subscribers before custom pricing kicks in.

10. Ortto

Autopilot mostly provides the standard marketing email reports, like contact list insights, campaign performance, and click-through rates. But they are unique for a significant reason.

The customer journey automation function of Autopilot is what makes me like it. Then, you can examine reports on how each marketing journey is doing after setting a target and creating a route to get there.

Utilize the visual automation builder on Autopilot to collaborate on campaigns with your entire team.

Autopilot will provide you with a clear and in-depth report on who bought your goods, what convinced them to do so, and how long the conversion process took, for instance, if I set a lead nurturing objective of a 20% conversion rate.

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