10 mejores herramientas de chat en directo para atención al cliente
Hoy en día, los clientes son impacientes. Según un estudio, el 90 % de los clientes consideran que una respuesta rápida es crucial o extremadamente importante cuando tienen una consulta de atención al cliente.

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When it comes to running a business online, you now have more assistance and sales channels than ever before. There is no shortage of ways to engage with your users and clients, from phone to email to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Whatsapp. However, one new avenue, in particular, is gaining traction: live chat.

Customers these days are impatient. According to research, 90 percent of customers consider a rapid answer to be crucial or extremely important when they have a customer care query. The term “immediate” refers to anything that takes less than 10 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out our Top 10 List of Best Live Chat Software:

1. Crisp

Crisp, which is frequently referred to as being one of the greatest customer care chat software tools, provides more than just live customer support to its consumers. It ensures high-quality service with a shared inbox.

Crisp’s platform allows users to have video and phone conversations without the requirement of third-party applications.
Chatbot, triggered chat messages, stored replies, knowledge base, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp) connection, and CRM integration are all included in addition to live chat.

To add Crisp’s live support chat to your website, copy the HTML code and paste it into your HTML code. You’ll be able to do it on your own after watching a few English lessons or reading how to use the big search engines.

2. Hubspot

The Care Hub from HubSpot has a number of customer service and support capabilities that may be used to build an omnichannel experience.

One of its standout features is its live chat and discussion inbox, which allows customers to consolidate email, phone, and chat cases into a single, easily accessible spot. Users may quickly access this mailbox and work on any sort of support case without switching between tools or platforms.

Another valuable feature is the ticketing program, which may be used to track down and resolve difficult support and service situations. Reps can generate a ticket to keep track of their interactions outside of live chat.

Both the professional and the customer may then go back to that ticket at any time to work on the matter. Customers will like this since it allows them to reopen a case if they have any more questions for your representative.

3. Integración con Intercom

Intercom is the way to go if you want to improve your customer interaction. Intercom is a scalable and adaptable platform that allows users to speak in real-time with visitors to their website or mobile app.

It also enables them to start targeted dialogues on the correct web page at the right moment, when people are most likely to be engaged (for example, an abandoned shopping cart or a page that has been seen several times in a single session).

With only a few lines of code, you can add Intercom’s completely configurable chat widget to your website or mobile app.

Intercom enables agents to reply to visitor messages in real-time and to develop profiles for each unique user account based on the customer’s information (e.g., email address) so that they may provide individualized help. The marketing automation tool in Intercom allows you to define custom actions that are triggered by certain events and then forwarded to the user through email. You’ll have a better chance of converting a potential customer into a paying customer and attracting more people to your website or mobile app if you do it this way.

Another useful Intercom tool is the automatic chat widget, which allows you to send helpful messages to customers based on their behavior. If you observe that someone has added an item to their basket but then abandoned it (i.e., they haven’t placed the order), you may send them a reminder message offering help with checkout or delivery.

Customers may manage their accounts, handle support requests, and create new users using Intercom, which connects nicely with many third-party apps. It’s also extremely user-friendly, including live chat capabilities on mobile devices.

Overall, Intercom is a fantastic live chat software solution for businesses of any size.

4. Tidio

Tidio is a flexible communication solution that allows you to provide outstanding customer service. Tidio may be added to a website in five minutes without any coding knowledge. The live chat may be readily customized, and the widget will fit in with the style of any website.

Tidio allows you to link your CRMs, email marketing platforms, and social networking sites to the most popular selling platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce, and more.

If you want a more in-depth look at how your website visitors interact with it, Tidio’s ‘Viewed pages’ function allows you to see what a visitor has already seen on the site and adapt answers accordingly. With their “Visitor lists,” you can even see who is visiting a website in real-time.

5. Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s software focuses not just on the first encounter with the client but also on continuing to nurture that relationship after the conversation. It comes with a user segmentation tool that can divide users into groups depending on the activities they took or didn’t do. When dealing with comparable clients in the future, you may prioritize and refer to these user groups.

Freshdesk can also take data from a CRM or email automation service, allowing you to see the customer’s information while chatting. This is particularly beneficial for converting clients who are about to abandon a purchase or dealing with users who have previously expressed dissatisfaction with the product or service.

Knowing everything there is to know about a customer may give customer care personnel a big edge, since it can have a substantial influence on the client’s experience. Reps can use this information to help guide the support case to a solution that will make the customer happy.

6. Jivochat

JivoChat is a completely worldwide live chat platform that is now used by around 300,000 websites. Their entire look is fairly contemporary, with a simple and easy-to-use chat panel. There are iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as Windows and Mac desktop versions.

JivoChat has one of the most comprehensive feature lists we’ve seen. In addition to their web-based software, they have desktop and browser apps, automation (called “targeted conversations”), one-click calling, email connectivity, and internal team chats.
You may also add real-time visitor tracking, a callback option, and even a business phone line for an additional fee. Third-party integrations are required to use chatbots.

JivoChat is especially great if you have a bilingual site because the chat widget may be supplied in up to 25 languages, and there’s even a method to use Google Translate for automated translations.

JivoChat, astonishingly, provides a “Permanently Free” subscription for up to five agents, with unlimited conversations and a reasonable set of features.

7. Zohodesk

Zoho Desk is a customer service software program that features live chat. The finest aspect of Zoho Desk is its ticketing system. If you’re searching for a customer support software that focuses solely on tickets, Zoho Desk could be the right fit. If a customer needs more help, you can turn chat conversations into tickets with this live chat software.

If you own more than one business, you may also develop unique chat widgets for each of them. This chat tool also lets you collect feedback automatically after a chat exchange. You’ll be able to determine what your customer service representatives could perform better while also highlighting your team’s strengths.

The only drawback to this software is that live chat is only available as part of their Enterprise package.

8. Helpscout

Helpscout is a customer care platform that focuses on communication. They have a powerful live chat tool, as well as video chat, team collaboration, and a shared mailbox.

Helpscout includes a bespoke dashboard that allows you to keep track of the leads you receive via live chat. You may effortlessly shift queries from one office to another if your company has many locations.

9. LiveChat

LiveChat is a messaging software with a live chat service that has a number of unique features. Most CRMs and website systems may be connected to it.

One of its most famous features is the “message sneak peek,” which allows customer care representatives to see what clients are typing in the chat before they send it. This knowledge offers the agent more time to craft a response so they can react to the consumer right away. This improves the client experience while also increasing the overall productivity of the individual salesperson.

Users may also mark each chat for additional research with LiveChat’s labeling system. Users may then sort and search prior conversation transcripts by label, as well as compare and contrast patterns across all chat support instances. This system allows customer care representatives to know which chat support instances are the most difficult to resolve.

10. Chaport

Chaport has a few unique live chat options that can help you tailor your chat experience. Its auto-invite function, for example, may send visitors automated chat invites based on a set of conditions. You may then target a certain sort of consumer depending on their characteristics or activities. Customers who are likely to convert or get confused can be identified and engaged with at the right moment.

Chaport’s group chat function is another customizable option, allowing representatives to transfer or join another discussion in real-time. Instead of scheduling a time to talk with a product expert, customer support representatives can just add the resource to the chat. This not only saves the client time but also fosters an environment where the customer’s success is prioritized.


Including a live chat application on your website is critical for providing a positive client experience. With a chat app, you’ll be able to answer clients faster, make your team more available to website users, and swiftly fix issues before they become more serious. Use the live chat to provide world-class customer service and help your company thrive.

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