5 Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugin in 2022
We’ll look at the top five WordPress social proof plugins for displaying real-time sales alerts on your site. You’ve most likely seen this tactic in action on the internet.

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Social proof is an excellent method to incorporate into your WordPress site if you want to increase sales, get more leads, or simply move your visitors to take action.

“Hey, these other people trusted us enough to make a transaction, therefore you should too,” social proof tells your visitors. There’s a lot of evidence that social proof works. A social proof plugin is required if you wish to use social proof on your WordPress site. This is what we’ll be looking at in this article.

We’ll look at the top five WordPress social proof plugins for displaying real-time sales alerts on your site. You’ve most likely seen this tactic in action on the internet. If not, here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

We’ll go through the essential features of each social proof plugin on our list, as well as a look at what the default social proof notice looks like and pricing information. Some of them are also available in a free edition, allowing you to get started without spending any money.

Here are the five social proof plugins we’ll be looking at in total:

1. NotificationX
2. WPfomify
3. Notifications for WooCommerce
4. Social Proof for WordPress
5. Social Proofy

1. NotificationX

NotificationX is a freemium WordPress social proof plugin that helps you show social proof alerts for a variety of events, including sales, email signups, and WordPress download counts, among others. There are additional connectors with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, a couple of LMS plugins, and even a Zapier integration. The user interface is also quite user-friendly, with a simple setup wizard and notification builder tool to get you started.

2. WPfomify

WPfomify is a well-designed social proof plugin with a user-friendly UI, several location kinds, a plethora of integrations, and useful targeting criteria. You can show sales notifications, current user activity, the number of people who have visited your site, and recent reviews. It also integrates with a slew of other services, including a general-purpose Zapier integration. You also get a user-friendly notification builder interface to help you get everything set up. Overall, it’s a well-designed plugin, but it’s also the most expensive on the list.

3. Notifications from WooCommerce

WooCommerce Notification is a plugin that focuses on one sort of notification: WooCommerce sales notifications. You can show real-time sales notifications for all products, emphasize specific products, integrate dynamic data, and so forth.

You can also make your own bogus sales notifications, though I don’t think this is a good idea and think it’s dishonest. This plugin can be a nice alternative to explore if you have a WooCommerce store. It’s a hit on CodeCanyon, where it’s been purchased over 2,700 times and has a 4.92-star rating based on over 80 reviews.

4. WP Social Proof

There’s WP Social Proof, which is available in a free edition on WordPress.org as well as a premium version with additional features.
It’s a good free option, with a respectable feature list and good-looking notifications right out of the box. It’s a little more focused on sales alerts, with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads connectors built in. The premium version adds some new notification types to the mix.

5. Social Proofy

Finally, Social Proofy is a popup widget bundle tool that provides more than 30 and lets you develop your social proof game. Increase your conversions without coding knowledge. One of the best budget/performance tools out in the market. You can track and set goals for your popups alongside customizing and integrating with all marketing platforms.

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