20 Best Cold Email Tools and Software for 2022
We’ll look at the pros and cons of each cold email software to help you decide which one is best for your business. We’ll show you some of the top choices in this guide.

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If you want to grow your outreach efforts, you will need a tool to help you send cold emails. With cold email software, you can automate follow-ups, personalize emails on a large scale, and add prospects to campaigns automatically, all while making sure that your emails get to the right people.

We’ll show you some of the top choices in this guide. Even though most instruments do basically the same things, there are different solutions that work best for different situations.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of each cold email software to help you decide which one is best for your business.

Here is the list of 20 Best Cold Email Tools and Software for 2022

1. Outplay

Outplay is a cloud-based sales enablement tool that enables businesses to engage with their target market and see different business KPIs to boost growth and revenue. Through various marketing channels, including SMS, call, LinkedIn, email, and more, the platform enables sales teams to examine, manage, and arrange their goals.

The tasks are automatically saved by Outplay’s automation feature. It also enables connectivity with a variety of third-party programs, including Hubspot, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Gmail, Zapier, Pipedrive, and others.

Price: $75 per user, annually

Makes automating outreach easy through their different media (email, text, phone, etc.)
It offers enough analytics to let you monitor your sales progress.
You may see in real-time how prospects are responding to your emails using the tasks dashboard.

It is quite annoying to import prospects into Outplay using an Excel file.
Software is clunky (sometimes)
You have to wait longer than usual for screens to load.

2. Salesmate

For teams looking for a platform to manage their sales funnel and automate their sales process, there is email prospecting software.

Sales outreach, cold calling, and sales productivity may all be managed and automated by teams using Salesmate.

Although it provides more than simply sales email software, we’ll just concentrate on those aspects in this essay. Their Sequences tool lets you create email campaigns that are sent according to a set timetable. Even automated SMS messages, useful for ABM efforts, can be incorporated into those sequences.

To manage issues like what to do if you receive an out-of-office reply, campaign exit criteria, and tagging prospects, you can configure a number of personalized options.

It’s a strong tool that works well for groups that want to work together on sending emails and viewing all of their CRM activities in one location.

Price: $12 per user, per month

thanks to CRM features, ideal for monitoring prospect interactions after the initial cold outreach
700+ app integrations to synchronize your outreach statistics with other resources
Excellent value for small teams needing a potent CRM

Users claim that reports can be challenging to read and understand.
Customers have reported having trouble integrating and syncing with other apps.
Restrictions on how many emails you can send each day

3. Outreach

For teams who desire insight into business performance at the individual level, outbound sales software also includes email outreach

Using multi-channel sales sequences, Outreach.io enables sales teams to reach prospects at scale.

It has a ton of features designed especially for outbound sales teams, as the name would imply. Your team can receive reminders to pick up the phone and call, send a follow-up email, or connect with a prospect on LinkedIn using multi-step, multi-channel sales campaigns that you can develop.

Since sales managers may view insights into individual success, it’s a useful tool for teams to manage their email outreach campaigns.

Request pricing information.

Build effective multi-touch sequences that are timed based on prospect actions.
Personalize cold outreach by using data from your CRM records and LinkedIn contacts.
Detailed team performance metrics to identify top and low performers

It will take time to onboard your employees and you must get third-party training.
The customer service, according to Capterra users, isn’t always as attentive as it could be.
Busy interface that can make it difficult to concentrate on the important things: Personalized email communication

4. SalesLoft

SalesLoft helps B2B sales teams manage their processes when they have a large team of sales representatives.

SalesLoft is a platform for sales interaction that can assist you in connecting with prospects and tracking your efforts to determine what is effective.

So that you never keep a prospect waiting for a response for too long, you’ll get a comprehensive picture of your sales activity and key responsibilities in one location.

As a result of SalesLoft’s integration with Sales Navigator and Salesforce, you can quickly analyze your CRM data and make sure that every email you send is appropriate and tailored.

As you might anticipate, you can also make and save reusable templates and view specific stats for things like open rates, reply rates, and click-through rates.

Ideally suited to large sales teams who require a variety of tools to manage their pipeline
Create automated outbound programs that include SMS, follow-ups, and cold emails.
Bring the entire crew onto the platform.
Deal analytics powered by AI to identify prospects that require re-engagement

Expensive and inappropriate for small businesses
If you have a lower-tier plan, there are some restrictions on integrations.
Setting up your campaigns correctly takes time.

5. Snov.io

Snov.io is an email prospecting solution that can assist you in finding quality prospects, contacting them via email, and managing transactions in a sales CRM.

It’s a fantastic choice if you want a platform that aids in prospecting and deal management in your CRM. To assist you in finding prospects who are a suitable fit, they gather information on businesses and accounts, import prospects with verified email addresses into your campaigns, and automate the process of getting in touch and following up.

You may view performance statistics within Snov.io directly, as well as through a Gmail extension that tracks activity in your inbox.

Price: starting at $39 per month

Consists of a prospecting database to locate future clients
UI that makes scheduling your mass email campaigns simple
Email analytics to monitor the success of your outreach

Customers mentioned issues with drip email programs.
Limited CRM capabilities and poor post-outreach communication capabilities

6. Reply.io

Combine cold email and LinkedIn outreach automation in one location. A software called Reply.io combines cold email automation, LinkedIn outreach, and email search. Within Reply, you may locate emails and create a prospect list, after which you can upload prospects to your own cold email campaigns.

As you might anticipate, you can track and keep tabs on the effectiveness of your campaigns. Reply also has tools that will make it easier for you to create an effective cold email template.

Because it combines a prospect database, LinkedIn outreach, and an email sending platform, it is a bigger platform than the majority of the other suggestions here.

Starting at $70 per month for each user (minimum of three users)

Chrome add-on that enables prospecting on LinkedIn while saving prospects
Email copy recommendations from AI to increase response rates
Notifications to remind you of fresh responses and tasks you have to do

It’s challenging to set up and use, according to Capterra users.
Costly, with a minimum of three users and prices starting at $70 per month per user ($210 per month)
Features appropriate for larger businesses

7. Yesware

Yesware is a “sales toolbox all in one.” It links with LinkedIn and Salesforce, and it allows you to send emails, monitor results, and organize meetings. Instead of forcing you to move your activity into a new tool, the tool sits on top of your Gmail and Outlook inboxes, enhancing their functionality.

You’ll be able to monitor how prospects respond to your emails, including whether they receive, open, and click on links to sales decks or bids.

Your sales prospecting will become easy and predictable with the help of Yesware’s cold email outreach software, which allows you to plan emails to be sent at certain times and conduct follow-up campaigns automatically.

Price: $35 per month for each seat.

There are many tools available to assist you in managing the process that were created for cold emailing.
Works with Outlook and Gmail, and it sits on top of your current inbox.
Salesforce data may be automatically filled into campaigns thanks to a tight relationship.

It can soon become pricey if you pay for each seat you utilize rather than each sending mailbox.
The CRM sync can occasionally be unstable, according to Capterra users.
On less expensive accounts, Salesforce integrations are not accessible.

8. Mailshake

A well-liked tool for cold outreach is Mailshake, which enables you to customize campaigns, upload prospect lists, and schedule follow-ups.

You may incorporate cold calls into your sequences thanks to the inbuilt phone dialer. Through SMTP, it communicates with prominent CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot as well as Gmail, Outlook, and other email service providers.

Starting at $59 per month

To connect it with the majority of other sales tools and CRMs, use Zapier connection.
Upload prospect lists and add attributes to customize emails
Use an AI email writing tool to create your cold email templates rapidly.

Limitations on how many emails you can send each day due to the use of Gmail and Outlook servers
After recently joining up, several Capterra users noticed issues with emails being marked as spam when sending bulk emails.
Only the highest tier subscription offers a phone dialer for multi-channel sales.

9. Close

Popular CRM and sales platform Close has a ton of functionality. Right from your dashboard, you can create assignments, send and manage emails for sales and prospecting, and even make cold calls.

You may customize email drip campaigns, reuse email templates, and pause campaigns for any leads who respond, as you might anticipate.

You can schedule your campaigns to be sent at any moment after uploading your prospect list. As well as setting up follow-up and other task reminders, you can monitor data like open rates to evaluate what’s effective.

Starting at $29 per month,

Features of a powerful CRM to manage your sales pipeline
Exchange email templates with your team.
Track your team’s most productive sales representatives with a sales leaderboard.

It works well for post-contact follow-ups and is not recommended for sending cold emails.
Can get pricey if you need to use the platform to add more than a few team members

10. Autoklose

A platform for sales engagement containing a number of tools, such as a service for sending cold emails to prospects and following up with them

A platform for sales automation called Autoklose has options for cold emailing. You can compile prospects into a CSV file, submit them to the platform, and then use them in an upcoming campaign. In the event that they don’t respond, you can automatically follow up as scheduled.

In addition to doing cold outreach, you can utilize the platform to organize all of your contacts, manage your whole contact list, and double-check your email lists before contacting potential customers.

It’s a robust platform with lots of features.

Price: $59.99 per month to start.

Includes a 2-hour onboarding call to assist you in setting up your account quickly.
To compare performance, A/B test email subject lines, and copy.
Sales leaderboards to identify SDRs that are over quota

Without the onboarding call, it can be challenging to get started and set up the platform properly because the tool has so many capabilities.
The email list cleansing tool’s accuracy is inconsistent, according to Capterra users.

11. GMass

Directly from your Gmail client, send cold email marketing campaigns. GMass is for you if you want to keep things straightforward and automate your cold email campaigns directly from your Gmail inbox. You may access its potent capabilities from inside your inbox after installing it as a Chrome Extension.

Despite the tool’s simplicity, you can still send tailored cold email outreach at scale by using Google Sheets to generate mail merge fields.

Additionally, GMass enables you to organize outreach initiatives, perform follow-up automatically, and classifies replies to reduce mailbox clutter.

Price: Starting at $19.95 per month

Because it sits on top of your Gmail inbox, there is no need for tool onboarding.
Utilize your Gmail contacts to create email lists.
Analytics for your cold email campaign to keep track of every action

Tracking the campaign stages that each prospect is in, according to Capterra users, can be challenging.
Only higher-tier plans offer follow-ups.
Does not function with custom email providers or Outlook.

12. Streak

Streak integrates straight into your Gmail account, much like GMass does. They do it by converting your inbox into a versatile CRM, which adds even more functionality on top.

By controlling everything in one location, you may avoid having to integrate independent cold email software with a third-party CRM.

Additionally, you may make snippets, which are templates that you can use right away to do away with tedious tasks and shorten the time it takes to react to emails.

Pricing: There are free options and paid options starting at $15 per user each month.

Your ordinary Gmail inbox may be converted into a CRM.
To evaluate performance, monitor email opens, clicks, and reply rates.
To provide more context for upcoming encounters, add notes to CRM records in Gmail.

Compared to desktop software, mobile apps are less functional.
Users on Capterra claim that it can result in UI difficulties that have an impact on their regular email routine.
Best used for following up with current prospects rather than cold email

13. SalesHandy

Utilize a tool created to assist you in sending bulk emails to your inbox to increase sales productivity. A sales enablement tool called SalesHandy can boost the efficiency and productivity of your sales force. It allows you to send follow-up emails, track email interaction automatically, and make templates.

A built-in send limiter and an email verification tool are available to help you make sure you’re only contacting people via their legitimate email addresses.

SalesHandy is compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other mail providers, and it provides all the functionality you’ll need to send and follow up with prospects.

Price: $25 per month for each user

Both Gmail and Outlook are compatible
Personalize emails to specific prospects using mail merge technology.
Detailed analytics and metrics include reply, open, and click tracking

No email warming tools to increase deliverability are present.
For email tracking analytics from your own activity, for instance, if you open an email you sent, it will be reported that the prospect has opened it.
The tool reportedly doesn’t show if many emails are being sent to the same recipient, which could cause problems, according to Capterra users.

14. MixMax

MixMax is a good option if you often schedule meetings with prospects because it has built-in scheduling tools.

Your prospects can rapidly plan appointments to continue the conversation by include your schedule directly in your emails (albeit the MixMax logo will appear).

You may view in-depth information on how recipients interact with your emails and the number of people that RSVP to your meeting invitations.

Most CRMs have interfaces that make it simple to personalize your emails, and you can edit your CRM information directly from Gmail to streamline your workflow.

Pricing: Email campaign features start at $24 per user per month.

Improved cold email to meet conversion rates thanks to an integrated calendar
In your Gmail account, you can easily create templates and automatic email sequences.
Using Salesforce connection, your CRM and email contacts may be synced.

Does not function with Outlook or other custom inbox providers, some of which may have greater delivery than Gmail.
The information can occasionally be erroneous, according to Capterra users.
Your prospects will be aware that you are contacting them as part of a list because branding is visible on some of the customer-facing elements.

15. Vocus.io

Vocus.io allows you to create, plan, and send cold email campaigns. To enhance interaction on your follow-ups, you might include attachments (for example, by adding a more proposal or portfolio of work). Additionally, you can add their Gmail extension to Gmail to track opens and links and receive follow-up notifications.

In order to make it simple for potential clients to schedule appointments with you, you may also establish a calendar similar to MixMax.

After you’ve sent your campaigns, you can view in-depth reports that are simple to share to make sure that everyone on your team is aware of what’s working.

Pricing: Multi-step cold email campaigns start at $20 per month.

daily email tracking with the aid of a Gmail add-on
Send and plan drip email campaigns with customizable features.
Make a personal calendar page that connects to your emails so that potential clients can schedule appointments with you.

Users on Capterra frequently complain that the program occasionally freezes when performing exports.
Statistical inaccuracy, including the recording of bounces as responses
Only compatible with Gmail and GSuite; incompatible with Outlook

16. Followup.cc

Easy follow-up with prospects who haven’t answered is made possible by lightweight cold email software for Gmail. As its name implies, followup.cc enables you to keep track of discussions and never miss a chance to follow up.

When you add the extension to your browser, it will add facilities to your Gmail account that make it simple to plan automated follow-ups to be sent after a specified delay and create reminders for when to follow up.

To help you understand how engaged a prospect is, the app also provides open tracking.

The biggest drawback of followup.cc is that it isn’t designed primarily for cold email outreach and doesn’t have as many robust capabilities as other programs.

Pricing: Monthly rates begin at $18.

A simple, lightweight cold email service with a low learning curve
With a customized cold email template, choose between automated follow-ups and follow-up reminders.
View activity reports for emails on higher-tier plans.

Alters the user interface of your email, requiring you to adjust
Doesn’t provide any tools for email deliverability
Compatible only with Gmail; not with Outlook or other inbox service providers

17. Overloop.io

An email automation application called Overloop (formerly Prospect.io) assists businesses and independent contractors in finding prospects through cold email marketing. It provides an extremely rapid and simple lead management and prospecting solution. If you’re seeking for CRM integrations and want to identify prospects on social media, this will be your cold email software.

Look up or confirm the email addresses on your prospect list.

Personalize email templates and distribute them to your sales staff.

Response trackings, such as monitoring bounce rates and out-of-office responses

Outlook and Gmail are compatible.
It offers HubSpot CRM and Salesforce connectors.
Has a chrome extension that helps you find prospect details from social media.

Drip campaign development might be challenging.
There isn’t a free plan offered.
Unused email credits do not carry over to the following month; instead, they are forfeited.

18. RightInbox

View which of your prospects read and responded to your emails on Gmail. Your daily sales email workflow might be facilitated by the productivity application Right Inbox.

The free email extension adds capabilities like follow-ups, email tracking, the capacity to save templates, and more to your account after being installed on your Gmail account.

In order to remember the important details of a conversation and bring them up again later, it can be useful to add notes to email threads.

Right Inbox is a wonderful place to start if you’re seeking a cost-free choice.

Pricing: Upgrade from the $5.95 monthly plan to the free one

gives your Gmail inbox a variety of helpful features.
So that you never lose crucial information, save notes and tags.
To ensure that no communication is lost, sync chats with your CRM.

Does not function with inbox providers such as Microsoft Outlook
Some email deliverability characteristics are absent.
There is a team plan, however, a stand-alone cold email solution would be preferable for large teams.

19. Woodpecker

For B2B businesses wishing to contact potential new customers via personalized automated emails, Woodpecker is fantastic. Depending on your options, it enables you to send cold emails from Gmail, Office 365, or Exchange. Additionally, this platform may be connected to Salesforce, Zapier, and other corporate software. They take pride in being one of the automated marketing solutions that is the safest. It will be particularly helpful for teams that need to share contact lists or block domains.

High Focus on Deliverability – Your emails will be sent at random intervals, simulating human transmission, to prevent being flagged as spam by your email provider.
SPF and DKIM Reports – To guarantee that your emails are transmitted without error, you must include SPF and DKIM information in their headers. Woodpecker will inform you if they are set up properly.

Custom-made sending parameters In accordance with email service provider restrictions, Woodpecker suggests a per-mailbox default sending limit. Your emails will be sent and sent securely thanks to the daily restriction. By choosing different daily and hourly options, it’s also possible to change the delivery time.

Pricing per User per Month

50 Daily Contact Emails – from $40
200 Daily Contact Emails – from $44
Unlimited Daily Contacts – from $49

Removes duplicate contacts from your cold-calling campaigns by identifying them.
Businesses that generate B2B leads have a unique set of specialized features.
It has a Chrome extension.

There isn’t a free version available right now.
Email attachments cannot be sent

20. Smartreach.io

Smartreach is a straightforward B2B cold email solution that enables you to send personalized emails with editable merge tags. It also includes automatic follow-up capabilities to reduce manual work and improve response rates. To prevent emails from ending up in the spam bin, it also has a SPAM tester. Additionally, it gives the user the ability to leverage advanced analytics to design successful campaigns.

Locate and Add Potential Customers Easily Using the ProspectDaddy Chrome Extension, you can look up members of your target market on LinkedIn, obtain their business emails, and add them for free to your SmartReach account.

Strong Integrations — This data can be used directly by CRMs like PipeDrive, HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce. Additionally, marketers may link SmartReach to more than 2000 other apps using Zapier. Additionally, you may integrate SmartReach.io activity/prospect categories with your CRM lead statuses.

Reporting that is intuitive Keep track of the stats for your campaigns, including as open, click, react, bounce, and unsubscribe rates. You can benefit from the thorough Prospect, List, Template, Best-time-to-send, and Team Leaderboard reports to further enhance your campaigns and motivate your team.

Regular – $24
$59 for Ultimate

Emails can be sent at a time that is convenient for the recipient’s time zone.
Personalized emails for the recipient
There are several suitable email clients.
pleasant user interface
Paid plans specific to agencies

Filtering contacts has restrictions.
Spam reports are limited to four per month
Monthly Costs Per User

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